The Ecovias Is Against Bicycles

In almost all the highways in the country, bicycles are welcome. Or at least accepted. No, any of them, infrastructure for cyclists or specific signage, and in many cases there is not even shoulder. But cyclists can travel whenever you want or need. Not that Governments, local authorities, Union and dealers responsible for highways have • Read More »

Bike Rider Square’s Birthday

Motor five years ago, on 24 February 2006, the space of the Paulista Avenue situated between Bela Cintra and consolation, who has served as a meeting point for the Bike for more than three years, had your baptism popular, receiving the name of Praça do Ciclista. At the time earned up to a plate, hand • Read More »

How Was the Honor of Eunhae

On 7 December 2010, Eunhae received a tribute at the Town Hall of Sao Paulo, with delivery of the medal Jose de Anchieta and the Diploma of Gratitude from the city of São Paulo. Without time for a better text, do a report well summarized, complemented with dozens of pictures, and the full speech of • Read More »

Tribute to Eunhae This Tuesday in Sao Paulo

One of the symbols of the bicycle in Sao Paulo will receive Medal Anchieta and Diploma of Gratitude, in the municipality of Sao Paulo, in recognition of his more than 30 years of struggle for space and valorization of the bike as means of transport. Will be the day December 7 2010 at 7:00 pm. • Read More »

Handy – Community Bicycle Workshop in Sao Paulo

Disclosure Ciclocidade has in Sao Paulo a collaborative workshop project called handy, a collective space of learning and practice of bicycle maintenance. The workshop is open to all cyclists, offering tools and appropriate structure to stimulate and teach the repair by themselves their bikes. There’s always some experienced cyclist in the shop to tell you • Read More »

Get Ready for the Route Marcia Prado in Handy!

Today, Thursday December 16, the cycle-shop handy will have a special programming: on the eve of the tour cicloturistico by Marcia Prado, there will be a workshop ” basic ” travel review, a conversation on the descent to the coast and the other on the crossing of the Andes. the handy already had three other • Read More »

Marcia Prado – Cicloturistica route is this Saturday!

Last year, approximately 1000 cyclists came down the mountain from the sea toward the coast from Sao Paulo through the route Cicloturistica Marcia Prado. This Saturday, December 18, she will be open again… The route Marcia Prado is a suggestion made by the Manicstreetjournal path, for the authorities to create a kind of attractive and • Read More »

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year

Cross Regardless of beliefs or non-beliefs, Christmas is a time that makes people feel closer to your family, your friends, your love. And the turn of the year, even can be considered a simple change of number in the calendar, brings feelings of renewal, peace and hope. In this end of year, I ask you • Read More »

Knowing of Bike Region of Maceio (AL)

Cross The bike is one of the best ways to get to know a city or region. You spend at a pace where you can see details, get a feel for the place, talking to people, doing parades where and when you want not to lose no time, image or important person. At the same • Read More »

How Was the Route Marcia Prado 2010

Whenever I do a cicloviagem, or even a trail, I get anxious and I can’t lie down to sleep. I feel like I’m missing something, I’m going over everything several times, I get tense and it is difficult to get to sleep. This time was no different. I ended up going to sleep late and • Read More »

Research On Cycling – Important To Answer.

The Tourist Foundation of Joinville, the official organ of tourism of the city, is conducting a survey via the internet to meet the profile of those using the bike, not necessarily a cicloturista. Would be interesting all respond, touring cyclists or not, since the goal is to learn more about the target audience to establish • Read More »

Expansion of the Bikelane for Leisure in Sao Paulo

The Bikelane for leisure of the city of Sao Paulo, Ibirapuera Park League, the bicycles and the people, will be extended to reach the Villa Lobos Park this month. Second source on Municipal sports and leisure, the new snippet must be opened on January 23. Painting and signalling work has already begun. One of the • Read More »

Tribute to Marcia Prado, in Sao Paulo and Aracaju

On Friday 14/01, people with and without bicycles will find themselves on the rider’s Square in Sao Paulo (see map), for a tribute to Marcia Regina Daniel Prado. On that date, in 2009, Marcia was killed by a bus driver, who took the cowardly life in the middle of Avenida Paulista, as punishment for the • Read More »

Sugarloaf And The Bike Rack That Was Not

In the previous text, I commented that I still go back to sugar loaf “green”, the store of v. Clementino, in são paulo, in search of his lost bike, since the previous visit had not been able to find the plate prettier than their website shows, either the parking area reserved for bicycles. Well, I • Read More »

Kindness Is Not Law!

The paraciclos that are outside of the “green” Sugar bread continue to be called bike rack and kindness. Law No. 14,266, of 6 FEBRUARY 2007 article 8 terminals and SITP transfer stations, public buildings, industries, schools, shopping centers, condominiums, parks and other places of great influx of people must have places to bicycle parking, bike • Read More »

Music Video Brings The Thrill Of Attending A Bike

The video for the song Kings and Queens, the band 30 Seconds To Mars, shows a Critical Mass, known locally as Bike or critical mass. For those who already rode in one, with hundreds of people, it’s exciting. For those who haven’t had the pleasure … Watch and imagine yourself there in the middle. Who • Read More »

Go to Bike to Yoga for Peace 2010

Sunday, August 15, the traditional end of the Yoga for peace in Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo, with music, meditation and yoga class. The activities will take place in the area of Audience outside of the Ibirapuera Auditorium, with access through the gates 2 and 3. Park This year there will be a guided tour • Read More »

Bicycling Is

From time to time I write on Twitter a few short sentences about the choice of using the bike, based on situations that happen to me. Some people respond too, enriching the content. Bicycling is meet people like Marcia. Photo: Andre Pasqualini Selected in this post some of the most representative, my colleagues and Twitter: • Read More »

Bike Expo 2010

Short comment of who’s out of time, not to let it go, because the fair deserved an even bigger text. Was the bike expo on monday, november 1st, holiday seam. Traffic in the area was a mess, but as always i went cycling and spent where the drivers were smiling about to cry. There was • Read More »

Painting roofs white to offset global warming?

A bill from councilman antonio george (pmdb) may require new construction in the city of são paulo to have white roofs to disperse the heat (see story). The goal would be to reduce the heat absorbed, helping to mitigate the effects of excess greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, they do increase the temperature of the • Read More »