“Samba De Amigo”, to Burn Calories to The Rhythm of The Music

The music It has invaded the gyms and has come to the world of fitness for some time to help us to burn calories a fun. But as well as the dance, the video games they are, today, a great alternative to exercise without leaving home, at the same time we have fun.

Deuter Aircontact PRO 70+15 Backpack Review

The Aircontact Pro 70+15 backpack is a Deuter product, a German company specializing in hydration backpacks, travel backpacks, backpacks and sleeping bags. The brand is a reference in the US and Europe, and their backpacks are considered one of the best in the market. Deuter arrived in Brazil in 2001.

Thule Technical Backpacks

Thule, which a year ago was seen only as an accessory company for vehicles, also gained space and notoriety in the segment of technical backpacks. Now known for its quality-widely publicized by outdoor media – the brand has increased its line of backpacks and brought two more options: Thule Versant and Thule Stir.

Ways to Remove the Odor from Plastic Bottles

Ever have taken a big drink of water from a bottle waiting to cool down, and instead, only asqueó you the taste of plastic? Many sport  bottles, in particular the very economical, make that water containing know plastic.

Cheetah Bike Headlight

Extremely useful equipment for those who love cycling or for those who are always looking for comfort. The Bike Action torch was made for those looking for versatility and high lighting power. It comes with two quick-release fasteners, which can be used as a head torch and on a bicycle handlebar. Its high-power T6 LED ensures 500 lumens • Read More »

How to Protect Yourself from the Cold?

Learn How To Protect Themselves From The Cold Have you ever wondered why a ski jacket is thinner than a normal jacket? Do you ever happened to that as much as you pull around you still have cold? And those times that long cold and we have so much that we just sweating?

Nike Sports Bras

Our search for the perfect bra never ends, right? I don’t know about you, but I think the bra one of the most important parts for my looks of training, only losing to boot. Hahahaha… Seriously, there’s nothing worse than running or do any other activity sensing that her breasts are “jumping” more than they should or feeling • Read More »

How to Take Care of a Camping Tent

Proper care of a tent is decisive for his life. Also, who sees only one commodity in a tent and on the exterior places worth little, should be interested in a careful treatment. But this requires not only the knowledge of the correct cleaning of the tent, but also that to the correct setting up and dismantling • Read More »

Cycling Brings Health Benefits

Whether On Bike Paths, Parks And Even In The Gym, Cycling Practice Takes Care Of Health And Stimulates Social Interaction. Cycling brings more benefits to people than you can imagine. We save money and save fuel, enjoy the view of the city more, avoid congestion, get more balance, sunbathe, become more disposed and fit, sleep better, • Read More »

Softshell Trousers

Softshell Trousers Softshell is itself water-and wind-repellent, and stretch. However, there are different variations of softshell garments and sometimes softshell pants for example, also windproof. Most sold in wintertime is often lined with fleece or wool. They provide a beghaglig and soft känlsa in cold weather and the material stays soft even in cold temperatures.

7 Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

The number of motorcycles is increasing every day in large urban centers. The fact that motorcyclists have exposed their bodies makes their courses more risky and increases the need to redouble their attention. With that in mind, we’ve brought some safety tips for motorcyclists. Check it.

A Turn on Electric Bicycle, We Tried a Booster Bikes

The bicycles they are walking in summer and to move the rest of the year from ecological and economical, although in this case the electric are an option to choose many. So nothing better to show you in a video analysis which provided one of the models marketed in Spain brand Booster Bikes. The Bike • Read More »

This Pedal Will Transform Our Bicycle on a Connected Device

We have only a few hours since it started officially the 2015 CES and in the little that we have seen there is a marked tendency in products seeking to monitor something, i.e., sensors for everything, What can skip buying the product full and opt only for a sensor that transform that article into “smart”.

CY-Fi Speaker, Speaker for Bicycle

A year after its introduction, the Cy.Fi Speaker you are ready to sell. But, what is this curious contraption? Because it is of a portable speaker with a twist. It is specially designed to be used on a bike, although they also recommend it if we go camping or hiking to the mountain, having a • Read More »

Hybrid Bicycles BH Emotion Boast of Technology

If when we talk about electric bikes typically look to Japan, specifically towards the Eneloop of Sanyo, in Spain also have good developments in the field of the hybrid bikes. The BH Emotion they are a reference and boast of technology to achieve the engine to help in pedaling and don’t just push us. It • Read More »

Panasonic Electric Bicycle

A gadget It does not have why be put. It can also lead to us. An example is the Electric Bicycle that Panasonic has developed for use in Japan and that House with the policy environmental all electronics companies are busy to make known. The bike is assisted by electric power, and is the more • Read More »

Garmin EDGE 305, GPS for Bicycles

Runners Mountain Bike on Sunday, leave early and returning after beer half way will be in luck. If they wanted a GPS with special functions for use with your bike, the Garmin EDGE 305 is what you were looking for. Intended as a personal trainer and constant companion, it indicates you like all GPS position • Read More »

Potpourri, Memory Cards with Art and Bicycles to Carry

We are already in may, is less for the summer, but we already know that the Potpourri they are not for the summer but year-round. On this occasion, art, sport and tiny things. We started Finally, the tiny things, like the new memory capacity 128 MB to 2 GB of GreenHouse manufacturer. Memories USB Pico • Read More »

Supersonic Bicycle

Arriving to work late? Tired of enduring an obstruction of fright in the morning? You need esto. Ésta bike capable of going from 0 to 96.5 Km/h in just… five seconds!. Much more faster than many street cars, insurance that will help you get to the much earlier.