New Ford Electric Bikes Are Designed to Combine Its Use with The Car

After showing in the past MWC in Barcelona its first two models of electric bicycles MoDe: Me and MoDe:pro, Ford has introduced a new prototype associated with the idea of sustainable mobility that connects car, bicycle and an application It’s the manager that helps to plan the urban routes in a more efficient manner.

An Electric Bike in Your Backpack, Is Impossible

If simply mentioned the name of ‘Impossible’ hardly come to know the real product that is behind it. It is of a foldable electric bicycle that has appeared recently on Kickstarter, and is in the process of funding through this network.

Buy an Electric Bike: Tips, Models and Prices

When we talk about electric vehicles, in a broader sense, we do not mean only electric cars, though these can collect more prominence. We also have vans and light electric trucks, electric motorcycles, electric bikes and electric bicycles. An electric bike can be more affordable electric vehicles that we encounter, and the first with which we • Read More »

Do You Know Who Has a New Electric Bike in Japan? Panasonic!

In Spain we are unaccustomed to see bicycles down the street. It is true that it depends largely on the city in which we find ourselves, but the differences of our country with certain points of the foreigner is abysmal. In Japan, for example, the use of the bicycle as a means of urban transport is • Read More »

Sanyo Improves Your Bikes So You Generate Electricity When The Usas

Sanyo continues to support the use of the electric bicycles Apart from our borders. Its range ENELOOP It has improved now with two new models introduced a major upgrade to the power charged not only when you are moving costs down or when braking, but also regular movement.

Solar Parking for Electric Bikes from Sanyo

After you set up your project’s electric bicycles with rechargeable batteries ENELOOP (which do not have memory effect), Sanyo has completed an interesting and green initiative with the introduction of solar parks.

Ducati Launches an Electric Bicycle

Ducati He has presented his electric bike in the living room of the bicycle of Friedrichshafen (Germany). Perhaps only an advancement that the Italian brand is working on an electric bike, but for the moment I prefer not to think it.

E-Bike WöRthersee, Electric Bicycle with Audi WiFi

Increasingly objects, elements and everyday devices that are incorporating connectivity to the Internet and other networks. Appliances, buses, cars and from now on bicycles, will gradually become part of the Internet of things.

This Electric Bicycle Does Not Need Plugs, Only The Light of The Sun

Lately we are seeing all kinds of alternatives in the segment of the electric bicycles: from the most modern (and faces) to which support iBeacon or are charged wirelessly. But there are other ways to charge these electric bikes: using solar energy.

YikeBike, Folding Electric Bicycle for The Next Kings Magi

It is amazing how technology reduces the size of the things that we use and we still get more benefits. It is the case of this latest bike, the YikeBike. For starters, you don’t have to ride because is electric and its small size allows you to leave it anywhere.

BMW S1000RR World Superbike, Cucumber!

The new supermoto BMW, the BMW S1000RR World Superbike, It has been today same unveiled in Munich at a press conference, and have already come to us the first official photos. Simply stunning, this new Superbike intends to break with force into the market of the Supersport’s Road, but also tries to hit hard in the • Read More »

Ten Tips for Motivation and Not Leave Training

The motivation It is an essential weapon to combat the sedentary lifestyle, then, like any activity, if we exercise without cause and it is unpleasant for us, it will be abandoned. Find a motive is what allows us to see things through different eyes. I.e. If we can be motivated to exercise on a daily • Read More »

Wii Boxing, to Burn Calories Playing

Technology that seemed a total enemy of the physical activity, This reversing its role to get to the side and take by the hand of physical exercise. The Wii, the famous Nintendo video game console is one of the tools that more applications it has found in the field of fitness and health.

The Danger of The Group Classes

The classes are a good way to get in shape and work the body in a motivating way, however are a double-edged weapon, the intensity of the exercises is usually standard and either, or get bored because the intensity is very low (something that doesn’t happen) or are with the tongue out because it is • Read More »

Evolution of The Step

Gin Miller two decades ago designed a kind of drawer to do rehabilitation exercises by its practice of high-impact aerobics. With it he wanted to perform movements slow and controlled with respect to the sport of fashion at the time and with the addition of the ascent and the descent of the platform to strengthen • Read More »

Tea Aerobic Exercise Helps You Sleep Better

The physical exercise It has been able to demonstrate, through various studies, its multiple benefits on the human body and through the practice of physical activity regular, we can check the relaxing and revitalizing effect at the same time after putting the body in motion.

Kranking, a New Way of Exercising The Upper Train and Burn Calories

The world of the fitness every day more dazzles with new trends and innovations in systems of training. This time, the cardiovascular work is moved to the higher train from the hand of a so-called “manual bike” Krankcycle, to be able to burn calories y toning from the waist up when the legs need a • Read More »

New Product for Exercising with The Wii Fit

In the beginning, the console Wii It generated great discussions about the effectiveness of the exercises proposed by the Wii Fit game. However, it has been found that depending on the intensity and the movements, the activities carried out with video games not only help to burn calories, but they are useful in the treatment • Read More »