YikeBike, Folding Electric Bicycle for The Next Kings Magi

It is amazing how technology reduces the size of the things that we use and we still get more benefits. It is the case of this latest bike, the YikeBike. For starters, you don’t have to ride because is electric and its small size allows you to leave it anywhere.

I said small size? The most amazing thing is how It can be folded and put in a bag conveyor belt that you can take hanging from the shoulder (9.8 kg) and literally take your bike anywhere: you have to see the end of the video for this but worth the minute and scarce means that lasts.

It is of carbon fiber and its ergonomic design gives you that unlike the traditional appearance. Its maximum speed is 20 km/hour and your leather seat supported driver up to 100 kilos of weight. When you run out of battery, in just 30 minutes will be charged again and ready to surprise everyone.

The price ranges between 3,500 and 3,900 euros and was presented in Germany in the EuroBike 2009, where come from all photos in the image gallery. I want one, King Balthazar!

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