Xiaomi Mijia Is an Electric Skateboard with Which We Can Go Up to 30 Km

Xiaomi, as usual it has been warning with teasers, and according to the date provided, here is the new gadget of the Chinese brand: is called Mijia and it is a new electric vehicle, one of the strongest points of investment of the company, after your folding bicycle and racing model.

What exactly is Mijia? Sorry for those who had been talking about big, like a car words, Mijia is a monotopatin old-style, two-wheeled, battery-powered. We can obviously also do exercise with it.

They wanted to create something lighter and more simple than his other vehicles, While not losing sight design, its relationship with the mobile devices of the House, and electricity as engine. The best thing we can do is meet him in motion:

Foldable, 30 km of autonomy

The operating range is about 30 kilometers, whenever the driver weighs less than 75 kilos. Batteries are of 280Wh, made by LG, and the engine is 500W, capable of pushing to Meiji to the 25 km hour.

As it is standard in Xiaomi, there are mobile app to find out how is the battery and other vehicle parameters

It is very interesting that they have introduced in this Mijia a system of regenerative braking, to get the braking power. As you can see the rear brake is made up of two discs, front, a brake with a kind of ABS system, so that it is not locked.

The vehicle is built in aluminum, and can be folded from the handlepost – opens in three seconds. They have achieved the full set do not pass of 12.5 kilos, a figure that is not bad. As for colors, two options: black or white.

The philosophy of the product is the same as always, to sell something very attractive to the eye, with a powerful price: about 270 euros to change. It will be launched in China on December 15, that not surprised us to see her at import stores at the beginning of next year.