World Bike Tour 2011: SP Back Pedaling Home

This text refers to the event of 2011.

To back pedaling in 2012, inquire here.

Next Tuesday 25, the third edition of the World Bike Tour Sao Paulo, a bike ride of the “cable-stayed bridge” to the USP, the runway of the Marginal Pinheiros, in the city’s birthday holiday. Who managed to register wins a bike, plus helmet, backpack, t-shirts and other gifts.

Despite the page that describes the event name as one of the “awareness of cycling as a means of leisure and non-polluting transport”, the Organization of the event, again, didn’t bother with the participants who want to return home or bike to the starting point.

Win a bicycle, but put her in the car

The only option thought by the – and the – come back by train is CET until the start point to put the bike in the car. Or leave the car in the target and take the train to go to pick up the bike. IE: join Bike Tour and win a bike, but use your car.

Many participants will be no option for not having a car to transport the bike to their homes, having to appeal to friends and relatives. And most interesting is that no one bothered to 7000 would be needed to transport the bikes CARS 7000 participants this year Edition!

I’ve tried back pedaling

In previous years, a lot of people tried to get back pedaling, was to the point of departure or for home. This, incidentally, is your right: the streets are all inclusive of bicycles. However, most of the participants is formed by people who are not yet used to ride on the streets. Without support or instruction of how to use the roads safely, end up risking themselves on sidewalks, the wrong way or high-traffic routes.

Even with this problem occurring two years running, the Organization of the event and CET are just trying to avoid that these cyclists use the streets, rather than instruct them to travel safely. Easier to say to go back and put the bike in the car, just disclaim any liability: who solve pedal on the street, is for your account and risk. After all, the organization recommended not to.

Wants back pedaling? Ask me how!

You know that a lot of people would like to pedal back to the exit point – or even take the bike home and pedaling, which after all is much more consistent with the proposal of the event. Aware of this, experienced cyclists decided to help participants, many of whom use the bike on the streets for the first time that day.

Group cycling is safe and we know ways ideal for beginners. Will guide the participants to various neighborhoods of the city, so if you want to take your bike for pedaling, in house search on arrival. The volunteers will be identified by a track and by posters on the bikes, plus t-shirts yellow.

Also going to take a group to the starting point of the event, to help people who have left the car there, and other subway stations. As well as the CPTM, Metro allows the transport of bikes all day on Sundays and public holidays (on Saturdays, from 2:00 pm).

We have no connection with the World Bike Tour. The organisation of the event does not come to us in no time. Nobody hired us, we’re not gaining anything from this and we will not charge for the help. We just want to show that it is possible to use the streets on a bicycle, with safety and pleasure – different than preaches CET, which still considers cyclists a nuisance and is advising him to come back by train.

Volunteers will be waiting on the arrival of the tour, with a banner identifying the initiative. This is not an action of the Go to Bike. Although this site to support and I’m attending just one among many. The idea and execution come from several cyclists who want a more humane city with fewer cars and more bikes, where everyone can ride on the streets. Including you.


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