With This “Bike” Electric Can Be Doing 240 Km with a Single Charge

I don’t know if it makes much sense either stretch the autonomy of an electric bike, but Rimac He thinks that figures are to improve them and reveals a two-wheeled vehicle that will be able to make 240 kilometers on a charge. A figure that already it would like some electric cars.

For the ande lost comment Rimac Automobili is a creator of Supercars electric based in Croatia, that it seems that you free time to print its technology in smaller vehicles who also use batteries. Its most important development is the Concept One, expert in snack cars Ferrari or Tesla.

“Bike” responds to the name of Greyp G12H and obviously the secret lies in the generous battery, which has with 3kWh. She gets the greater autonomy on a bike of this kind, but also highlights in speed, moving with ease about the 70 km / h.

A bike or a motorcycle? There are pedals

We put quotation marks to the bike by the settings on pedals, and it is that we can move with her without motor, but is clear that it should not be comfortable moving a vehicle that weighs 45 kilos. The differences are not very clear in this field between a motorcycle and a bicycle, I think that this article can clear you a bit the problem.

In a matter of design already enters the tastes of each one, here is committed by an aggressive and fairing design, with the possibility of more oriented to get roads configurations: different suspensions and wheels.

Benefit we could well say that it is a motorcycle, but there are pedals for the moment in which the vehicle is left without power

To my therein of the bikes I earn more by things as the making Budnitz, Peugeot, or Xiaomi, than by a so exaggerated autonomy, but is welcome.

For which the sounds your appearance say that the evolution of an existing model, the Greyp G12S -next video-, which is able to move at a similar rate, with a range of 120 kilometers, which is not bad.

For now there are no prices or dates for the bike with a 3kWh battery. The lower model is already sold and 8.380 euros, so we can get an idea that the new model will not be cheap (it has twice the battery).