Who Was Marcia Prado

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A meadow marcia day will not be forgotten.

Reports from the streets, by marcia

Cicloturistica marcia prado route, connecting the cities of sao paulo and santos, was already well known among cyclists. A ghost bike in your honour has already become part of the landscape of avenue symbol of the city of sao paulo, avenida paulista. But not everyone knows who this woman was, nor why so many homages.

When marcia regina daniel prado passed away, a lot of people wondered if i would not publish anything here on the go, since i know her. I had no desire to write about it because i was still shaken. I gave a few interviews and written comments on matters, complaining of biased – titles as a matter of the sheet, which you don’t want to even mention the link. Then, after a few days, i decided to publish the text below…

The woman under the helmet

Met marcia on cicloviagem that participants of bike de sao paulo did to ubatuba, in november 2008. until then, had only read some messages in the mailing list of the bike and didn’t know her personally.

During the course of the trip, don’t talk much, because the group was relatively scattered on the road. Was getting there that really met her. I, she and priscilla, my wife, we had a great coffee in a pleasant and quiet place. We stayed there for a long time, talking about life and about our personal histories – anyway, things that had to do with the bike, but with our lives.

And there we know a little of the person behind the emails and the helmet: a quiet woman, weighted, understanding and who loved and respected life.

The cicloativista

Marcia was very active in the bicycle. Find information on the internet, researching the law, entered in contact with public bodies. Attending the meetings in the square of the cyclist, the actions, of the trips. Was very present on the bike and in the various manifestations.

Was a quiet woman who, despite rebel with the inglorious battle in defense of our rights and our safety, not discouraged and not give up, nor lost the patience.

As the other participants of the bike, she did it because she believed in a better city for everyone. He believed that humanizes the city bike, directly and indirectly, as has been proved in many parts of the world. Fewer cars and more people, less smoke and more birds, less snoring engine and more smiles of children. That’s what she believed in.

She was one of the signatories of the manifesto of the invisible. Contrary to some uninformed journalists released at the time, the manifesto is not a text asking for bike lanes. Quite the contrary! Is a text that calls for our right of movement is respected, stating that we will not wait until the city has bikeways in all avenues so that we can circulate on a bike. Follow the link above and understand what we’re talking about.

Marcia a person very dear in the movement, especially among girls, they cried a lot by your absence.

The cicloturistica route

The path that leads from sao paulo to santos, passing the island of borore by two ferries and following the road of maintenance of the rodovia dos imigrantes, is inspired by the path of the journey that the bicyclist marcia prado held in life.

This is a suggestion of cicloturistica route made by the manicstreetjournal institute, for the authorities to create a kind of attractive and safe for the cyclist to reach the coast.

The path is very nice, especially if done entirely through the island of borore. It’s a ride that is very worthwhile and will remain in your memory forever.

Cicloturistica route marcia prado passes by several municipalities. In the city of sao paulo, is established by municipal law 15,094/2010 and regulated by decree 51,622/2010.

The accident that took your life

In january 2009, marcia prado was killed by a bus driver, in the middle of avenida paulista, as it shifted to work on your bike. The news drove up slowly and, at first, we refused to believe it was really her victim (read here an account of that day). His death was soon classed as ” accident ” by the press, who blamed her for being surprised by a bus

Pass with an 8 ton vehicle over someone who is not played on your front suddenly is no accident. Accident is when something unexpected happens, where nothing could have been done to prevent.

Death that occurred there was not unexpected. The move 8 tons up to 80 pounds, should expect the worst. Also not inevitable: if the driver complied with the law (art. 201 of the ctb), have passed the 1, 5 m of the cyclist to get through it and i wouldn’t have tipped the bike

The car wears the society makes the cities less human and more people cold. The point of accident that kills more children be the car and it not be considered a public health problem, resulting only in campaigns that put the responsibility on the kids and not in the cars, in addition to advertisements that show as enemies of the vehicles. Passes-if the claim that it’s just street cars and that bicycles should not make use of it, saying that the cyclist was wrong to circulate there.

These half-truths, propagated by government and the press, give bad drivers sanctioned by moral to scare the pedestrian should not cross the street, speeding over it, or ” educate ” a cyclist out via taking a thin with car or bus, an act that can take him or leave him with sequels forever.

Causes and repercussions

Was sickening view comments – of citizens in internet news, journalists unprepared publishing distorted materials and in transit experts speaking on radio and tv – stating that the cyclist died because you shouldn’t be on the street, the bike is dangerous and the avenida paulista “is no place for” bikes. That’s absurd!

Firstly, the article 58 of the traffic code says that the bike has a right to the street, with preference on motor vehicles. See here.

Secondly, the bike is not dangerous. The bike won’t kill anyone. The danger is in the cars of a ton or more that do not respect your space. As something that can be danger dangerous element? As something that subtracts lives and puts others at risk, as opposed to a light vehicle that kept your trajectory without intercept anyone, can be transformed into a victim in this absurd rhetoric?

Third, in cities such as london bus lanes shared with bicycles. Reduce accidents and everything works great (including the timetables of buses, concept impracticable in sao paulo since the bus suffer from congestion caused by cars). To new york city, the main city in the country, has been redesigned to become more human through the use of the bicycle and the resumption of public spaces for people, in counterpoint to the traditional model of engine priority.

Fourth, the driver was wrong to pass so close to the cyclist. The art. 201 traffic code says that the distance should be 1 m and it has your reason: one against the tip of the handlebars in a way that knocks the rider toward the car/bus/etc, and can play it under the wheel. He shouldn’t do that ever. And there’s no rush, neglect or prejudice against cyclist justifying this.

In fifth, not hinder cyclist traffic, rider is part of the traffic. Someone trading your car for the bike disrupted a lot less than with the car which used – which covers eight square meters of asphalt when stopped and at least 8:00 pm movement. The street is not exclusive of the cars. The cyclist has your speed limiters, which must be understood and accepted. Drivers must overtake safely or wait, as they would with any other vehicle, like a bus or a truck loaded.

And, finally, the driver knew he was going to squeeze the cyclist and most likely did this on purpose, to punish her for what he considered wrong: be with the bike on the street. Many drivers do it every day, throwing the car on top of the cyclist to punish him for being using via. And, of course, they run. If the rider falls, what the hell, just go fast that can’t “anything”. Anyone driving a car squeezes a truck into the driveway, is it puts his life at risk. Should not do it with the cyclist too, because put deliberately at risk the life of another person is much more than selfishness or lack of character:.

People should think better before you go spreading on television or in the newspapers a groundless opinion, inconsistent, selfish, prejudiced, limited, mainly because this opinion will be absorbed by a lot of people who don’t want to try to understand what happened and swallow it without chewing, (de) forming your opinion on the subject.

By more than the cyclist was wrong, punish her with death is a little bit too much, isn’t it? As much as the bus driver hated by whatever reason, much as she had done something bad to him one day, nothing could justify what he did. Let alone the mere fact of being there, riding his bike.

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