Who Else Suffers From The Chaos In Traffic

On Wednesday, February 16, the rains punished Sao Paulo. And punished by the choice of burying its rivers, waterproof your soil and heat your air with the burning of fuel and the withdrawal of almost all your green.

No, not Jose Serra who more suffered from the chaos of yesterday, of course not. He was inside your car, suffering only the consequences of their own choices, ranging from personal option for using the car until decisions like chopping down trees of the Marginal Tiete asphalt plant and cars, an unjustifiable mistake. And some people still blame it on the rain, as our Mayor Gilberto Kassab and our current Governor Geraldo Alckmin fair – who should have solved the problem for years.

And who else suffers to move when it rains?

Other avenues other routes published a report that answers this question, showing who really suffers from congestion when it rains in Sao Paulo: bus passengers.

And the problem is not the bus be “slow”. It’s not be bus in insificiente number (well, too, but is far from being the main reason). The biggest cause of busloads and it takes going are, believe me, the.

But what do you mean? Sounds absurd? Then read this text in the Backyard and understand.


Last night, when I came on a bicycle, I saw that the tunnel of AV. Rebouças was banned, probably full of water (and it was around 9:00 pm).

Instead of making the cars coming towards neighborhood came out to the right and make a return on Faria Lima, the CET has chosen not to complicate the transit to the cars and the life of those who use bus: cars turned to the hallway, which should be unique.

Result? The bus made a giant queue, had to stop to wait for cars and more cars get in your face in the hallway, with passengers standing because there were punished too many cars on the street and the motorists, poor things, they couldn’t make a comeback the most out front.

Every bus, entered the Hall a dozen people, each one in your car, occupying some five times the space of a bus that takes 100.

Matter of priority

In this absurd city, who runs alone in a car still has priority over a crowded bus with 100 people inside, most on foot and squeezed. It is more important to the CET the car didn’t have to wait, I don’t have to go around, not having to cede passage, than the guys on the bus wait a little more.

And no, it’s not just a little more: is a little bit by car, with hundreds of cars invading the Hall and multiplying that little bit. Who’s on the bus might not even realize the reason for so long and to blame the rain too. But the effect of this priority inversion, is still suffering with this and have no voice to assert their rights as a citizen.

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