What is MTB

It seems incredible, but many of us have spent years giving pedals through the mountains and we have never considered how we define our own sport, but there comes a day when someone tells you:

– “Hey, you you do mountain bike, man, what’s enduro, all mountain and those rolls? You are what you do? “

And that’s when you stay with the face of “joé … and now what I tell him to it …”

What is MTB

Mountain biking, mountain bike or mountain bike English, is the type of bicycle designed for cycling in the mountains or across the field.

for some components more resistant to impacts that may cause the terrain you used, and be provided, in many cases, with a suspension system (frame, wheels, transmission, etc.) are characterized. Most have a mountain bike front suspension fork, and increasingly will be more common to have rear suspension. Also, the tires are thicker, lugged to better absorb the irregularities of ground and get better traction.

Mtb within different specialties are distinguished, as discussed below.

Rally, XC or Cross Country

More usual practice mountain bike mode. The competitions take place by rising ground and down and often played in circuits 7-10 km in length, which occur several times and all runners start at the same time. In Spain we have José A. Hermida as current Champion world in this specialty or a excampeona as Marga Fullana .
It is also called the type of rally routes up to 60-70 kms you do on weekends, in which you raise and lower for clues, trialeras, trails and roads, but without being overly aggressive down.

In this mode bikes are often rigid with 80-100 mm of travel or double wishbone suspension with front and rear paths of at most 100 mm and usually light, or at least as light as possible, albeit with a stand on aggressive or racing bike, because less time is spent on the bike and do not mind both comfort and efficiency and speed.

What is MTB 1


It can be defined as a test or rally route long distance, at least 80 kms and even make you to hold or you do, you can be in one or more stages marathonianas.

In this mode bikes are often similar to the rally. Some makes them rigid and there are many who use double, but always tend to be bike paths suspensions of 100 to 130 mm maximum light but not to the extent of testing rally, for comfort and wear pieces, looking more the strength of materials and time should be as comfortable as possible.

The position on the bike is not as competitive and diverse types of handlebars (flat or double height) or saddles (less lighter and more comfortable) are used

Competitive tests of long distance or marathon, either on the day or staged, have become fashionable in recent years and can participate in both professional, amateur or amateurs, including former professionals road racers like Paco Mancebo or Roberto Heras , they are common in such test, to name a name.

Enduro and All Mountain

This is a mode in noncompetitive principle, but because of the large number of followers is taking, beginning to see evidence of this style in certain locations, but there are still few.

routes-long average distance in which much ups and much lower are made, usually routes for cyclists who like to climb high peaks and then stick a drop by where more trails and stones more complicated site possible there even taking protections (elbow pads and knee pads) that load in backpacks.

dual suspension bikes are used, with between 140-160 mm tours and designed to facilitate as much as possible the pedaling promotion, for which also should not be too heavy, but prepared to face the descents by the most unlikely areas aggressively and speed.

What is MTB 2

Descent or Downhill

Competition mode in which a route is downhill, with jumps, cut, trails and steps high or very high technical difficulty, in which riders are fighting against the clock individually, posting them on the lift to the output ( chairlifts or trucks), we do not give ke ke more pedals down.

double bikes brutal suspension of heavy, robust and resistant, about 20 kg of weight, ruedacas supertochas both rims and tires, discs of how little 203mm dual crown forks and suspensions of 180 mm on, that swallow everything and more.

There illustrious names of past and present in our country, as Misser brothers , Oscar Saiz , David Vazquez , Bernat Guardia , Ivan Oulego …


Laga decrease duration, usually more than 8-10 km. They are usually employed full-suspension bikes, more similar to Enduro to Downhill, due to the importance that pedaling.


You may be called as a mountain bike off track, similar to the world of Ski, ie, very similar to downhill bikes, but a little lighter and suitable for pedaling something, but not for routes.

The suspensions are almost the same caliber as the descent, very long to eat the supersaltos of cut and megaburradas makes this rock.

North Shore

I have very clear that can be considered a form of mountain bike itself, but as some do, here indicated case. It is a journey through wooden walkways, which are built to a height of one meter, where imagination is the only limit to these structures.

It Includes Drops, wallrides, seesaws, Wheels, banked curves … usually within a wooded area where land access is very difficult.

You can use a rigid bicycle, although a double freeride type is recommended hairpin simple plate of at least 130 mm.

What is MTB 3

Dirt Jump

This method is characterized by the use of rigid, small, light and very resistant bicycles built for big jumps and resistant forks 100 mm, where the biker to be having a great technique and agility.

In competition, the bikers are measured by performing jumps and spins in earthen ramps, evaluated and rated by a specialized jury.

Our greatest exponent of this style is the great Andreu Lacondeguy .


It is a form of mountain bike between freeride and dirt consisting tricks on jumps and artificial obstacles, as wallrides or Northshores. The riders do tricks that come from Dirt Jump on artificial jumps and drops.

Normally it’s downhill and competitions of this type are scored by judges. Single deck used forks 130mm or more.

dual slalom

Two runners lower by parallel declines in short length. The first to reach the goal through to the next round.

Four Cross, 4X or eliminator

competitive mode held in a downhill circuit, short, with jumps and cambers, similar to a BMX circuit, in which 4 runners down at once.

rigid or full suspension bikes with routes around 100 mm are used.

Rafael Alvarez de Lara is our World Champion in this specialty.

Street or urban

Consisting maneuvers, balances, jumps and all sorts of tricks exploiting the urban furniture (stairs, ramps, etc.)

Bicycle small size, low seat, stiff and light are used mainly with suspension forks 70 to 100 mm.

What is MTB 4


Competitors must overcome all kinds of obstacles on your bike, without touching the ground with any part of the body.

The routes are called zones and is individually with a time limit.

The type of bike used can be wheeled 20 “or 26”, it is very small and lightweight bikes, which are not usually available seat and in many cases or front suspension.

In this field, we also have World Champions as César Cañas and Dani Comas



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mtb freestyle 5 on Vimeo

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mtb freestyle 8 on Vimeo

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