What Drones for Having Bicycles: Amazon Tea Will Take The Package in One Hour

While Amazon It almost always is news on everything to do with drones and special consignments of products, it intends to walk on dry land. The American company will take into account other transport systems as simple and economical as it can be a bicycle.

At Amazon there is much fear in trying new things, gain access to new and complicated markets, much less if the novelty has to do with improve transportation goods from your website to your home.

Putting us on the stage of the great city, few means of transport are saved of congestion, so someone at Amazon thought that they could also try bicycles. Thus the people of Wall Street Journal tells us.

In an hour you can have the package at home, provided that you live in Manhattan

The chosen city is New York, where is would have launched a program in phase beta, with the name of Amazon Prime Now. A new initiative working in a priority way for Amazon, the deliveries on the same day. In this case, speak of as much a couple of hours.

The bike may not be the element more efficient in most cities on the planet, but in New York seems to have enough sense, by the characteristics and experiences of the city. In fact, über also has recently launched a messaging service based on bicycle – über Rush – in the Big Apple.

In terms of spending, it may be that it ends with an additional amount. If you look at a user of Amazon Prime has to pay an extra for the service on the day, so there is business for take it home in an hour. Comments on the service – in beta – on the streets of Manhattan comes out by $5.

There is no more information on its official launch, or if they will enlarge territories of action beyond Manhattan. Now they are working with three courier companies bike, to check times and efficiency.