Volvo Ocean Race: the Biggest Regatta in the World has Begun!

The main ocean sailing event in the world has begun. This Saturday (7), seven modern ships left for the first leg of the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15. The Spaniards, who hosted the opening of the event, did a lot of party to give power to the sailors who sailed into the South Atlantic. The stretch between Alicante, in Spain, to Cape Town, in South Africa, will nearly 12000 kilometers and will have duration of at least 23 days. The flotilla will face strong winds in passing through Gibraltar, the famous low pressure zones in the Doldrums, the line of Ecuador and all pass by the brazilian coast, including Fernando de Noronha, mandatory waypoint to the boats.

“The weather forecast indicates that will be difficult the first few kilometers of the race,” indicated André ‘Cheek’ Fonseca, Brazilian racing by the Spanish MAPFRE. Actually, the first 24-hour race will have enough variation of winds, starting with medium intensity. At dawn, the speed will go up to almost 40 km/h. ships should access the Atlantic Ocean just at dawn on Monday (13).

“I think the output of Gibraltar should be quite complicated. I believe that the strategy of the teams will prevent a boat stray of the fleet. Normally, who goes first has the advantage of entering the wind before, opening advantage to the other. The regatta can be defined in this section”, said André ‘ Cheek ‘ Fonseca.


The MAPFRE Brazilian Andre ‘Cheek’ Fraser was in the middle of the fleet after the first kilometers of racing. The provisional leadership from the start is with Team Brunel, from Holland. On his trail is the Abu Dhabi.

The 2014 Edition-15 is the most human story of the Volvo Ocean Race. For the first time, the boats are strictly the same, namely, the winner will be the crew to take the best decisions throughout the nine months of racing. Will be altogether 71,745 kilometers for every continent.