Volvo Ocean Race-mast Break and Passing by Cape Horn

The Monday (30) was one of the hottest in the history of the Volvo Ocean Race with the breaking of the mast of the boat Chinese Dongfeng Race Team and the information that the first teams rounded Cape Horn, key point of the fifth leg of the around the world. The leg, between the New Zealand and Brazil, is the longest and exhausting competition, with over 12000 kilometers of racing.

In the early hours of the morning, the Organization of the Volvo Ocean Race received the warning from breaking the mast of the Dongfeng. The Chinese boat disputed leadership of the step against the Team Alvimedica, but was forced to stop because of the problem. The crew was surprised by a strong snap. Was the mast had been broken. No one was hurt on board.

Commander Charles Caudrelier said the mast broke with about of 30 knots. “We are not able to navigate safely. We must now assess how do we get in Itajaí.

The plan now is for the Dongfeng Ushuaia in Argentina, to try to stabilize the vessel before returning to the route to Itajaí, in Santa Catarina, final stop of the fifth stage. This strategy is fundamental for the team, which leads the League next to Abu Dhabi. They should lose six points for sixth place and eight by walkover.


Historic moment: Cape Horn

The passage at Cape Horn is special for all boaters. Is the Mecca for athletes of the ocean sailing and who circumvents the southernmost point of America can put this feat in the curriculum. The first to go through the place were the Turks/Team Alvimedica Americans. The feat took place in the early afternoon on Monday. Then came the Abu Dhabi, followed by MAPFRE and Team Brunel

“The race is very competitive, but this step is different. Get around Cape Horn in the first was special, “said Charles Enrigh, Commander of the Team Alvimedica.

The Brazilian André ‘ Cheek ‘ Fonseca took a picture with the flag of Brazil in passing by Cape Horn. “It’s a moment that is forever. All boats want to cross Cape Horn first. Is a way to show that the team is strong and prepared. The ego than by necessity. A lot is going to happen after the arrival to the Atlantic after the rope “.

The forecast is for winds above 40 knots within hours after the outline of Cape Horn. “Certainly we’re not going to sleep as we prepare for the entry of a cold front with strong winds”, completed the Brazilian André ‘ Cheek ‘ Fonseca. “We are in a fairly comprehensive routine to retrieve the lost positions. The good news is that we are fast in this passage at Cape Horn “.

Ships should arrive in Itajaí during the Easter holiday. The Regatta village in the town of Santa Catarina opens next Friday (4).