Visiobike, Electric Bicycle Which Will Give Us More Than Just a Walk

We all know that the issue of mobility in cities is something complex and this bicycle has become little by little in the middle of favorite transport, low costs, the benefits to the environment, and of course, health.

Because of this, and under the trend of making life easier through technology, is that a group of enterprising Croatians have developed Visiobike, our smartphone-compatible e-bike, that also has an interesting solution in terms of software. Find out more in detail.

Thanks to our smartphone smart bike

The Visiobike has a dock to put our smartphone be it iPhone or Android, to download the application developed especially for this bike, giving us the opportunity to promote the use of the bike, with information ranging from the classic distance, recording of routes and speed, to more complex things, as to enable the electric motor bike if we need extra any rise.

The application, which is available for iOS and Android, It is compatible with the maps of Google or Apple, and so we would have access directly to the traffic information in real time without having to open any other application during our tour.

The Visiobike allows you to include extras, as a GPS module, if it is that we do not want to use which is included in our smartphone and consuming lot of battery; a camera that will make the function of rear view showing the rear view on our smartphone, as well as other kinds of accessories that will make riding a bike more comfortable.

Of course, we can not side safety, since the Visiobike within the integration with our smartphone comes with a function that when it detects an abrupt stop, whether it is an accident or a fall, It will be a call to emergency services or any phone that you have set up for this purpose.

Of course, it is also a bike

The Visiobike is made of carbon fibre, resistant materials, and has a simple but at the same time elegant and functional design. Full of good features in its bowels, such as disc brakes, automatic emergency light activated through our smartphone lighting sensor and a chipset which transmitted via bluetooth to your phone all the information relating to our bike. It should be noted that the manufacturers mentioned that the chipset will receive updates OTA and thus is will add new features in future.

In terms of specifications, we will have to choose two different configurations, a motor of 250 watts and maximum speed of 25 km/h, and the other with motor of 500 watts and 50 km/h speed. The battery in both models will be of 14.5Ah which promises us a range of up to 120 km with only 3 hours charging time.

In search of financing

After a two-year development, the Visiobike looking for a way to reach the market at IndieGoGo, Crowdfunding business incubator. There are collaborations from 5 euros that include you an image in high resolution (something is something), buy the Visiobike by 3,900 euros in its most basic version, until the package full of 20,000 euros, comprising two fully equipped Visiobikes and a trip with aircraft all paid to Croatia for 7 days where we will visit the factory on a guided tour of the footballer CEO.

As we can see, the Visiobike is a great development, above all for having achieved this integration with our smartphone, which is one of our tools daily and now added to our means of transportation, no doubt, would have more and more people join the bicycle. Of course, this is a first approach to this type of development and the price is still very high, but there is increasingly more companies looking for that extra to what already exists thanks.