Usage Data: Bicycle Barometer

Last week, The network of cities by bicycle held in Murcia hours bicycles, cities and people, which counted with papers of great interest, especially communication and those relating to public bike systems. Act followed, the Assembly of this network chose to the new Presidency and Board Directors for the period 2015-19, that has relapsed in the Area Metropolitan of Barcelona.

While we hope to make the presentations of papers available, please consult on Twitter on the label #redBici what we were counting some of the attendees.

The programme for the days that begin tonight. You can follow them with the hashtag #RedBici

-Bicycle Murcia (@BicicletaMurcia) October 22, 2015

The main brake to the use of the bicycle is the danger for the excess traffic. What paradox… #BarómetroBicicleta #RedBici

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“The future of the stores of bike passes by the service to the customer, spare parts, etc. rather than by the sale of bikes” @AMBE_carlos #RedBici

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“Statistics say how dangerous it is to say that the bike is dangerous.” Let communicate fear @pedrobravo #redBici (@esmejorenbici) October 22, 2015

“The car is old city. Isn’t modern have a jam and blame mobility agents and not the excess of cars” #redBici (@esmejorenbici) October 22, 2015

Has grown very significantly the use daily from 2011. The bike starts to be routine use #redBici vehicle (@esmejorenbici) October 22, 2015

In one of the papers gave us material to shell: the network has funded and presented a new edition of the bicycle barometer to 2015 (download in PDF), not published from 2011. And there is good news: raises significantly the use of bicycles as transportation, although the thing go through neighborhoods. Do you want to know more? We will not tell all, that it would be very long, but yes we highlight some details.

The bike remains a thing of young men

You 62% of declared bicycle users are men, more than half have less than 40 years and few people older than 55 claim to be users of bike.

Demographics of those users of bicycle in Spain facing the population. Less women, less people increased from 55 years of them expected.

Grows the use of bicycle and the frequency: a 10% says use it to daily

Rises with regard to the previous barometer the amount of people that used the bike to daily: a 10% of them interviewed, i.e., ones 3.8 million of Spanish, since only is considered the population between 12 and 79 years. Half the usa with some frequency, and 58% have at least one bike for your personal use.

Barometer of the bicycle in Spain, 2015: 10% of Spaniards declares to use it on a daily basis.

The evolution of the figures is clearly positive, although we will have to take them with tweezers because it’s a survey, not a measurement of capacity; It is not clear that the actual adoption is so high or follow the same rhythm. In addition, in each city the thing goes to your air.

Evolution of the frequency of use of bicycle declares the safety bicycle lights, until 2015.

Those men young, those users more intensive

Frequency of use of bicycle according to variables

Why the women not use the bike with such frequency? And the people greater of 55? Then they give us keys to understand it.

The adoption is very different according to communities

They include Basque country, Valencia, Andalusia and the two Castiles. And of lanterns red are Canary Islands and Madrid.

Frequency of use of bicycle according to community residence, barometer of the bike 2015 autonomoa

But the interesting thing is the reasons for use/non use and perceptions of the bike as means of transport.

Why not is use the bike in Spain?

Among non-users, the most common answer is that they do not have bike, have damaged or simply prefer to walk or other means of transportation. Highlights this profile of no use against others as conditions of health, terrain or lack of facilities.

But if go to the breakdown by size of the city, in them more large a 12.4% designates not using it because “there is much traffic, is dangerous”. It seems that there is work to be done.

Grounds of non-use of the bicycle in Spain, barometer of the bike 2015. Breakdown of the reasons for non-use bicycle barometer 2015.

Are still using bicycle of mountain

We have already talked about that in Spain are sold many mountain bikes and relatively few city/ride, theoretically the most comfortable for a relaxed use of transport. The trend is also shown in this barometer. However, the bikes of mountain lose ground before them of Highway and city.

Types of bikes in Spain, barometer 2015: 64.6% are 37.8% urban, 12.5% of road and mountain.

Each time is used over the bike to go to the work

.. .or to the center of studies. A quarter of the surveyed users says to use the bike to go to work or to the school. Of these, half do daily. Also is high the use for displacement everyday, although still being much more high the percentage of who it used to walk or do sport.

There is a reef of users potential of the bicycle between passers-by and athletes?

Reasons of use of the bicycle in Spain, barometer of the bike by 2015.

And the evolution of these indicators is upward from the first barometer of 2008. The applications of ride and sport continue with numbers similar.

Evolution of the use daily of bicycle in Spain, barometer of the bicycle by 2015.

Among new users, the means of transport used is mostly private car (51.5%), although worryingly the 45.9% before going on foot on the road everyday. do displaces the pedestrian bicycle?

Means of transport used before the bike among daily users of bicycle, bike 2015 barometer.

Users claim to prefer the bike path

The overwhelming majority said that the most convenient site for circular bike is rail bike, 82.9% of surveyed users. Only 9% said calzada, and 6,7% prefer calm routes with maximum speed of 30 km/h.

Among users of bicycle, would kind of via find it more comfortable? The bicycle barometer, 2015.

But 4 of every 10, and with a growing tendency, notes that shares space on the road with motor vehicles. One of every five users indicates that never uses the Causeway, including women, the elderly people, those who live in large cities and that are least used bicycle. And 69% of these indicates that it is dangerous.

Profile of use of the driveway between users of bicycle in Spain, barometer of the bike 2015. Grounds of non-use the carriageway between those who never employ it in bicycle, bike 2015 barometer.

There continues to be too many users without lights and it declares to commit offences

14.3% said a circular on the sidewalk and only 55.4% says always use lights when necessary. Training missing Spanish bicycle users?

Respect for traffic lights, senses of via, lights and sidewalk use declared by users of bicycle in Spain, 2015 bicycle barometer.

Who does not comply with any standard, most States are not properly matched to the bike, or that it is more comfortable or fast skipped them. Good. We must work to reduce these figures.

Why infringe the rules the users of bicycle? The bike 2015 barometer.

The bike is associated with health, sports and ecology

Grow the percentage of users that associated it with mobility, but the image of the bike remains associated with health, sport and ecology.

Association of health, sports, ecology, mobility and leisure bicycle, bike 2015 barometer. What do you think that it is the main advantage of the bike? Cloud of words of the barometer of the bicycle from 2015.

Disadvantages: the danger, traffic, lack of roads

Although one of every ten says that not there are no inconvenient, the danger, the traffic and the lack of way enabled are them main pegas for them surveyed-users or not. Also refers to the climate (!).

Main disadvantages to not go in bicycle, barometer of the bike 2015.

Still thinking that the car is quick

The car is not the fastest in town, vehicle but Spaniards still think Yes: 30.8% designates it as the fastest vehicle in his city, ahead of the bike (20.1%), the bike (12.9%) and walking (12.8%).

Which means of transport thought to be faster in your city? The bike 2015 barometer.

In next posts we will continue shelling the responses of the barometer, which is a very complete and extensive survey.