Uitslag Ster ZLM Toer 2013

From Wednesday June 12 through Sunday June 16, 2013, the Ster ZLM Toer-GP Jan van Heeswijk took place. This bike race has had different names in the past, including the Teleflex Tour and Ster Elektrotoer.


The contest was created from a one-day amateur race called the Tour of Schijndel-Bosweg. In 1987 the race was extended to a stage race called Three Days of Schijndel.From 1990 to 1997 this rate as the name Teleflex Tour.Under that name, the game became the second most important amateur stage race in the Netherlands. The race was won during these years of considerable talents as John the Braber, Tristan Hoffman, Martin Stone and Servais Knaven.In the mid-nineties disappeared strict separation between professional and amateur cycling, went also the pros compete in this competition. For example, the match was won by Tyler Hamilton and 1997 by Eddy bouwmans. In 1998 this stage race once again renamed the Star of Promises. Three years this competition has kept this name. The name was not applicable to this course: only 1998 actually won a promise Rider star of Promises: Karsten Kroon. During 1999 and 2000 the stage race was won by Taming professionals: Ralf Grabsch and Andy de Smet. From 2001 to 2010, the name of this game the Star Elektotoer. During these years, the match was won by famous drivers such as Bart Voskamp, Nick Nuyens, Stefan Schumacher, Sebastian Langeveld, Enrico Gasaparotto and Philippe Gilbert. Since 2011 the name of this contest is Ster ZLM Toer-GP Jan van Heeswijk. The name “GP Jan van Heeswijk” is a tribute to Jan van Heeswijk, who died in 2010 and was for many years one of the major drivers behind this contest. The final winners of the first two editions of the Ster ZLM Tour-was Philippe Gilbert and Mark Cavendish. The Ster ZLM Toer today, after the Eneco Tour, the great days professional bike race in the Netherlands.
Name Confusion

The Ster ZLM Toer is sometimes confused with another course, which is also sponsored by the ZLM: the ZLM Tour. The Ster ZLM Toer is a stage race which takes place in June and which professionals can take part, while the ZLM Tour is a one-day course for promises. The ZLM Tour held annually in april in the vicinity of Zeeland village yesterday.

The Ster ZLM Toer is anno 2013 2.1 race in the UCI Europe Tour. Other stage races in 2013 in the same category, for example, is a Mediterranean Tour, Tour of the Algarve, the three days of West Flanders, Tour de Picardie and the Tour of Portugal.
Trail: Rides Schedule in 2013

The race will start in 2013, with a prologue by 8 kilometers in Goes. The toughest rides take place on 14 and 15 June. The trip runs from June 14 through the Limburg hills and subsequent step goes through the Ardennes.
Riding Schedule

  • 12 June: Prologue Goes
  • June 13: Breda-Breda
  • 14 June: Buchten-Buchten
  • June 15-Verviers-La Gileppe
  • jun 16, Gerwen-Boxtel

Participants: starting list

Preview: Favorites

Among the main contenders to victory in this course includes the Tree, Troesov and Hansen.
Watch live?

That game will be followed live via a ticket on the website of the course. In addition, there will also be the end of rides videos to see the price on this site.

Should be known about any tv coverage of this course, which will be listed here.
Results 2012

In 2012 this course consisted of four steps. Marcel Kittel won both the first and last voyage. André Greipel won the second stage and Lars Boom won the third stage. Mark Cavendish failed to win a stage, but he took several short sites: honour he came third in the first stage and second in both the second and the third stage. Thanks to the time bonuses he picked up here, but also because he’s remarkably strong position during the steps went on hilly roads, took this sprinter the final victory.
2012 classification:

  • Mark Cavendish 16:11:55
  • Lars Boom 8 sec.
  • Jürgen Roelandts in 14 sec.
  • Juan Antonio Flecha z.t.
  • Giacomo Nizzolo 18 sec.

Cycling in 2013

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