Tribute to Marcia Prado, in Sao Paulo and Aracaju

On Friday 14/01, people with and without bicycles will find themselves on the rider’s Square in Sao Paulo (see map), for a tribute to Marcia Regina Daniel Prado. On that date, in 2009, Marcia was killed by a bus driver, who took the cowardly life in the middle of Avenida Paulista, as punishment for the crime of cycling in the right-hand lane on an avenue with three other tracks available.

The meeting will take place in the square of the rider at 6:00 pm, where people will leave walking up to the Meadow at 8:00 pm Marcia Memorial (see map). The distance is short, the Memorial stands in the same Avenue, and not pedalaremos, we will be pushing the bikes in AV. Paulista, because many families are pedaling and not Marcia prefer walking. Therefore, be without the bike is no excuse not to go.

We have the help of all. If possible take flowers, posters, banners, pictures…

The importance of honoring Marcia Prado

The importance of greater honor is to not allow a suit like this to be seen as something normal, which simply “happens”, which should be accepted bovinamente as price for cycling in the streets of a big city. No! We refuse to accept that the city is. We will continue struggling for that to change.

It is necessary to remind the absurdity of what happened and show all – drivers, press, public authorities and even the other cyclists – that this kind of aggression is intolerable, it will not be digested never and cannot occur again. We must not allow contempt of life size are repeat around. Anywhere

For all this, the tribute to Marcia Prado is emblematic, significant and needs to be held. And, besides, Marcia was a person who deserves to be remembered by all of us.

Tribute in Aracaju

Will also be made on the day 14 1 tribute to Marcia Prado in Aracaju, in form of a bike ride for peace. Mirante da July 13, from the

7:30 pm.

Is suggested to go for white clothes with a black stripe on the arm, but that is optional. The important thing is to be there. As the flyer beside, “I can’t remember us, nobody will remember”.

A day in marked

Remember to this day of phone calls and messages I received that day. First, news that a cyclist had been killed by a bus driver on. Today we have more girls riding, but that year and there was a good chance that it was someone we knew. Some cyclists were there to see who it was and, noting that it was Marcia, called several others to break the bad news.

When I got the call telling me that the victim was Marcia and that she had died (that I can remember, the first to call was Vitor yard), I refused to believe it and thought it was a joke in bad taste. When I saw that he was serious, I kept denying, saying “is not possible, must be some mistake, you sure?”. But no point denying it: even with your foot experience on the streets, Marcia was killed by someone who didn’t give him a chance of reaction, playing on her eight tons of bus and thinking this just give “a creepy”, to teach her the distorted concept that the streets would be only for vehicles with motor.

It took me two days to be able to write something here on Go to Bike. And not write, so shaken by the incident, had it not been for the insistence of friends, readers of the website and the frequent questions from the press. The text can be read here and talk a little about the woman who few people knew about the accident in the middle of Avenida Paulista and murder on the absurdities of the initial press coverage. A few days later wrote a second text, showing a little vision that Marcia had problems that the city faces in.

The first honor in 2009

The next night after your death, cyclists, friends and family held the first of the tributes, flowers and candles, even under heavy rain. All walked, cyclists pushing their bikes, the rider’s square to the crash site, where they placed candles, flowers, wept, embraced and prayed for the friend that was (as I write this, I need to control the emotion for a tear not drain from my face), in a moment of longing and love for her – and colleagues present.

The PM appeared with several vehicles and heavy weaponry. They didn’t know what we wanted to close the Avenue and came prepared for the confrontation. But to notice that the demonstration was peaceful, was sympathetic to the feelings of those who were there and allowed the tribute was made in middle of asphalt, on the exact spot of the accident, murder, helping to divert traffic and avoid conflicts with drivers. Just asked the cyclists who released two of the four existing bearing on Ave.

To drivers passing by, were distributed flowers for girls and guys with helmets, raincoats and tears on her face. At the end of the tribute, a moment of silence in the rain at Avenida Paulista, which ended with the crash of lightning falling around, as if someone up there to participate in the tribute. Moments that we will never forget.

People who participated in the tribute were crying and embracing, consoling each other, strengthening its ties and deciding to fight for a better city, where threats to life are no longer practiced by drivers as punishment to those who use the bike on the street.

See other accounts of this tribute on the Bike. A good story was published here…

The Ghost Bike

Last November.

The next day, January 16, 2009 a white bicycle was placed on site, a tribute known around the world as a ghost bike. In addition to the bike, were planted flowers in the garden, with the help of some street children that, so maybe they have already lost some friends so early in life, they found beautiful what we were doing and wanted to participate.

White bike, later arrested in buckets of concrete buried in his front yard, remains in place to this day. Along with the bike, was placed at the time a totem with text and phrases that had the people by whom Marcia was and what had happened there. Recently placed a sign on the bike.

After this tribute, have already been planted some other ghost bikes in Sao Paulo:


The Ghost Bikes of Sao Paulo

The first Ghost Bike was installed at the end of 2007, on AV. Luis Carlos Berrini, one of the main commercial and business of the city. Was removed in a few days (I believe it was withdrawn until the next day). Was in an upscale suburb, in front of a Bank and was not well understood. It was ugly, bad for business. Disappeared quickly

The second Ghost Bike in Sao Paulo was Marcia Prado, at AV. Paulista. Still there to this day, receives constant maintenance and will be object of this tribute. The Ghost Bike from AV. Paulista turned tourist attraction: a lot of people out there to see, to understand what happened and pull it with a rider that is in place, commiserating.

The third Ghost Bike was installed in November 2009, in honour of the cyclist Fernando Martins Couto and gari Antonio Ribeiro. To include the gari in tribute, was posted a broom sweeping of streets next to the bike. They were both talking on the sidewalk, waiting to perform the crossing when they were “harvested” by a bus at high speed. On installing this Ghost Bike/Ghost Broom, cyclists were present, garis, the victim’s family and a lot of people passing by the site. This white bike also continues there today.

The fourth Ghost Bike was in tribute to Manoel Pereira Torres, a man who was crossing an Avenue by a crosswalk with the signal to the cars, when a speeding motorcycle ran a red signal and bus lane released her Manoel several meters in height, the point of it hit the traffic lights. The bike was hung on a pole and, as far as I know, remains there to this day.

White bikes are used in many countries. Visit the site and see how many similar events have already been made around the world.

No more ghost bikes

Which are not needed more Ghost Bikes! But while they are, we will do our best so that these regrettable deaths are not in vain. There is a need for urgent public awareness, especially of the CET, the SIURB and the Secretary of Transportation. It’s no use pretending not to see: the rider there is, is part of the traffic travels through all the regions of the city all day, has the same right to travel the owners of automobiles and motorcycles. And the same right to get it home at the end of the day.

Other honors Marcia Prado

Cicloturistica route was created with your name, linking Sao Paulo to Santos, the way in which she made one of her last cycle trips. See how was the last descent, at the end of last year, with hundreds of bicyclists.

From time to time, cyclists and friends, renew the Memorial Marcia Prado, as became known the location between cyclists, putting new flowers, posters and signs. These activities are also held every year on the day of your birthday, November 17. Last November, for example, was planted with a construction site where it is posted the white bike

Tributes have already been carried out also in other cities, such as Aracaju (SE) and Bethlehem (PA), by people who didn’t know her personally, but we share the feeling of losing someone who lived life like us, on two wheels without an engine in a big city, and that rebel against impunity in crimes like this barbarians transit – and like so many others with anonymous who do not receive even a note in the newspaper except to say that ” have caused slowness ” with their inert bodies lying on the pavement.

The purpose, the Bike of Aracaju identified so much with which honors Marcia all year, on 14 January. Friends and family of Marcia thank. We’re all one.

Marcia Prado

Will never be forgotten. And will continue to be an inspiration to new generations of cyclists and cicloativistas, who are fighting to have more human cities and receptive to the rider, where the bike has your guaranteed place in the streets and murderers like this driver didn’t threaten more lives of people behind the wheel.


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