Tribute to Eunhae This Tuesday in Sao Paulo

One of the symbols of the bicycle in Sao Paulo will receive Medal Anchieta and Diploma of Gratitude, in the municipality of Sao Paulo, in recognition of his more than 30 years of struggle for space and valorization of the bike as means of transport. Will be the day December 7 2010 at 7:00 pm.

Your participation is important!

Contact with the Government is always important. Come show the aldermen of our city that we exist, we have rights and we fight over them. We will attend mass at the City Council to accompany this homage.

Cyclists need no longer be invisible. Almost all of our Councillors get around exclusively by car. Our presence is a reminder that there are citizens who commute in other ways and need to have their needs met.

Take the Bike and go with us.

There will be a tram of cyclists, which promises to add hundreds of bicycles pedaling through the streets towards the Chamber group, exercising our right of free movement as a vehicle on the roads, safely and in compliance with traffic laws.

One of the points against is the Anderson Bikes, where a first group of cyclists will join to get out of there at 17:30, so if you want to hang out with this group come a little earlier.

The other meeting point is the cyclist’s Square, where people start to gather at 17:30. The first group will be joining this to descend all together towards the Camera, with expected output for the 6:00 pm.

If you’re late and you cannot find the group, go directly to the City Council.

There will be on-site bike rack, but take a good lock. See you there!

Check the map the meeting points and the location of the City Council:
Showing tribute to Eunhae the Board of Councilmen in a larger map

Tribute well deserved our site.

Which cicloativista don’t know Eunhae? A symbol for our generation, she’s been fighting for the recognition of the bike as means of transport for decades. And keep doing that until today, hand in hand with us, watching and participating in touched many of our achievements.

Today, with all the discussion on the environment, congestion and quality of life, it is so hard to convince the public about the viability of the bike, imagine how that fight was inglorious in 1985, when she began to focus on adventure sports journalism, entering the bicycle as means of transport in the media whenever possible.

Still, Renata

Never gave up. In 1989, he founded the Night Biker’s Club ‘of Brazil, group of night pedal that inspired dozens of other, integrating the sport bike to the landscape of stone from the city of Sao Paulo and contributing to start getting the drivers to see bikes sharing with them the streets. Between 1990 and 1995, had already been served more than 3000 minutes of stories on TV about the group.

In 97, surrounded the car of then-Mayor Celso Pitta along with other cyclists, to collect a bicycle planning for the city. In 98, rode with other cicloativistas until Brasilia, to talk with President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. In addition to your work at ESPN, Renata is bikerreporter of rádio Eldorado for over 10 years. Participates in the activities of the world car free day since we started performing them on city – and remember seeing her crying thrilled when joined for the first time hundreds of bikes in AV. Paulista, in 2006. Have cycled naked in the World Naked Bike Ride (part 1 part 2) to protest the invisibility of cyclists participated in the ” Calendar As Naked ” Manicstreetjournal Institute Feel, documented assaults and abuses of police against cyclists, as misplaced in prisons peaceful demonstrations, and continues taking part in various demonstrations and protests of those who want to be seen as citizens and have your right cycling movement respected also in practice not only in the law.

The Falzoni already did (and still do) much for the bike. Is one of the people who try to mobilize the cyclists to fight for their rights, rather than accept bovinamente the street is only for the cars, as us believing. It’s a handy person, you chat with everyone and is always willing to hear and share your – experience that is not small.

Modest, is not to take credit for the achievements and makes a point of not showing up: the most important thing is the result. Always invites other cyclists to participate, to claim their rights and shares with them the achievements. About his own tribute that will receive from the city of Sao Paulo, Renata said:

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