Tijuana as a destination

Travel to Mexico

Something that most people hear a lot of in the news daily is the country of Mexico, which has major problems with the United States regarding illegal immigration. In any case, this is not at all what Mexico will be for anyone who wants to visit this country on a vacation. Nor will you be the one offered to start working for one of the big cartels that you have also heard a lot about. This is about visiting a very exciting country. Mexico has often been called the land of freedom. This is largely because lots of Hollywood movies have beautified the country as something all criminal Americans see as their last resort.

For those of you who want to experience Mexico and visit this country on your vacation, however, everything will be just like in any other country. Here there are lots of choices regarding accommodation. You will find opportunities for beautiful and interesting seaside resorts, and you can also find lots of old historic sites and buildings. Something that is also much appreciated all over the world is the Mexican food. In that case, we are talking about tacos, enchiladas, tortillas and fajitas as well as all the hot sauce called salsa that makes this culinary experience complete.

However, when you go to Mexico on vacation, there are some things you should not miss, while there are other things you should not do.

Good to know about Mexico

Something that everyone knows is that the Mexican police are very corrupt, which then means that it is not always the law that comes first. Here it can instead be about a little money that makes all the boring just disappear on a small bird with white wings. In any case, this is not something that the average tourist normally comes in contact with, but in Mexico they like tourists and on the whole you can only be yourself.

According to travelationary, Mexico is also not a small country but has a land area of ​​almost 2 million square kilometers with a total of over 123 million inhabitants. The capital is Mexico City and the most widely spoken language is Spanish. Otherwise, there are 68 different indigenous languages ​​that have been discovered and the religion is 83% Roman Catholic.

Accommodation and money on the go

When you go to Mexico on vacation, it will be the Peso which is the local currency. However, many Mexican shops, hotels and attractions will be happy that you pay with US dollars. For that reason, you can keep in mind that before you leave, your travel funds change. Here you can advantageously have 70% in Peso, while you also have 30% in dollars.

Regarding your accommodation, this depends on where you go within the country. If you have your plan for the trip before you leave, you always benefit from booking your accommodation before you leave.

Some perfect destinations for a successful vacation in Mexico can be Tijuana, Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Isla Mujeres.

Tijuana as a destination

Tijuana as a destination

When choosing Mexico as your destination, do not miss Tijuana. This is really about the first city you get to if you cross the border from Southern California. Anyway, this is about Mexico, and you’ve already set foot in Tijuana. Here it will of course be best if you have booked your accommodation even before the trip, as this always saves time while you know where to go directly on arrival. After checking in, it’s time to experience Tijuana itself. Here you will find a lot of variety, and you will also find life and movement all the time.

Tijuana is a perfect city to visit for those who want to spend US dollars on your vacation instead of Mexican pesos. In any case, this is only a small advantage of the city. The first thing that will inspire you as a visitor to Mexico is the different and very interesting needlework they have in all their domestic products. If you are the one who wants to find good sun and swimming, then this will be easiest to find in the nearby town of Rosarito. Here you will find long, soft and sandy beaches you never want to leave.

Crafts and history in Tijuana

Something that will strike you is all the colorful crafts that are available in Mexico. When you are really interested in this, you will not want to miss a visit to the city center. There you will find Avenida Revolución. This is about a lot of shopping and lots of domestic traditional products. If you like this, you should also have booked your hotel in the central parts of Tijuana.

When it comes to the city’s history, there will also be a lot to see here for all interested parties. Something that can be very interesting for anyone interested in culture is the Tijuana Wax Museum. Here you will find a good example as the equivalent of London’s Wax Museum. Otherwise, there will be a museum about Baja California, which also takes up a lot that has happened through the ages.

Modern Tijuana

Since Tijuana is actually a fairly new city, there will be more of the modern than of the historical. Here you will find a museum that goes by the name Trompo Interactive Museum. After this you will find a fantastic range of parks, where you will find quiet and pleasant Friendship Park and then be the one to go to the zoo in Parque Morelos.

Nightlife in Tijuana

When it comes to Mexico, there is no talk. Here they really know how to liven up the city at night. In Tijuana you will find a vibrant nightlife in everything from local bars to hot and active nightclubs. When you are the one who wants to go on vacation to have fun and experience the party life in another country, then you will be one of those who make a very good choice of Tijuana. If you then travel around Mexico, you will find much more.