Top 10 Largest Countries in South America

When you travel through South America, you discover countless cultures, landscapes and vibrant cities. This continent has a total of twelve countries, one of which is a lot bigger than the other. Would you like to know which South American countries take up the most space? You can read it in the top 10 largest countries in South America.

10. Guyana – 214,969 square kilometers

Guyana is relatively small, especially when you talk about South American standards. The country is located in the north of the continent and borders the Caribbean Sea. What makes Guyana unique is that it is the only country in South America to have English as its main language of communication. The nature is also beautiful, with the Kaieteur waterfall as one of the highlights. At this waterfall, the water crashes down 225 meters.

9. Ecuador – 283,560 square kilometers

On the west side of South America you will find Ecuador, a country that borders the Pacific Ocean. The history of the country is rich, as this is one of the countries where the Incas used to live. Today, ruins of this people can still be admired. The Galapagos Islands belong to Ecuador, where you can discover incredibly beautiful nature. It is also the most densely populated country in all of South America.

8. Paraguay – 406,752 square kilometers

Although most South American countries are located on a sea or ocean, Paraguay is surrounded on all sides by other countries. The country is relatively sparsely populated, with large areas of untouched nature. Here you will find the waterfalls of the Iguaçu . This collection of waterfalls is the largest complex you can find in South America. Not far from these falls is an impressively large dam, which generates more energy with hydropower than the whole of Paraguay needs.

7. Chile – 756,950 square kilometers

You can immediately recognize Chile by its unusual shape. This country is very long and narrow, but despite its limited width, the country still has an area of ​​756,950 square kilometers. It is one of the longest countries in the world, but relatively few people live in Chile. The vast majority of the population is mainly found in the center of the country, where they live in large cities such as Santiago.

6. Venezuela – 916,445 square kilometers

There is no shortage of beautiful nature in Venezuela. This country has an incredibly long coastline that borders the Caribbean Sea. At the same time, you can find part of the Amazon in the south of the country. The high peaks of the Atlas Mountains are also in Venezuela, as is the highest waterfall without interruptions : Angel Falls.

5. Bolivia – 1,099,000 square kilometers


With a size of more than one million square kilometers, Bolivia has definitely earned a spot on this list. The country is located in western South America, where it is surrounded by countries such as Peru, Paraguay and Brazil. Bolivia’s mountainous landscape is particularly famous. The capital La Paz is therefore the highest capital in the world.

4. Colombia – 1,142,000 square kilometers


Located in the north of South America, Colombia is one of the most densely populated countries on the continent. There are no less than five cities in Colombia with more than a million inhabitants. The location of the country is also special, because the coast of Colombia borders both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. No other country in South America can say that about itself.

3. Peru – 1,285,000 square kilometers


Peru can be found in western South America, so you can enjoy a very long coastline on the Pacific Ocean. One of the greatest pearls in Peru is of course the ruined city of Machu Picchu . This old city is located between the high mountains and gives a nice insight into the old Inca civilization. You can also admire the Andes Mountains in the country, as well as part of the Amazon region.

2. Argentina – 2,780,000 square kilometers


Much of the east coast of South America is taken up by Argentina. It is therefore not surprising that this country is number two on this list, with an area of ​​2,780,000 square kilometers. The country has a rich history, which is largely linked to Europe. Many Argentines therefore descend from Europeans, such as Spaniards and Portuguese.

1. Brazil – 8,516,000 square kilometers


With an area of ​​more than eight million square kilometers, it is clear that Brazil is the largest country in South America. The country takes up a large part of the continent and is strangely enough the only South American state where Portuguese is spoken instead of Spanish. More than ten million people live in cities such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, while areas in the Amazon are completely uninhabited.