Tips For Selecting Approved Bike Lights

Rules for bike lights and lights on the bike

It is mandatory that you must have approved bike lights mounted on your bike. All bikes must have lights on from sunset to sunrise. According to the National Cyclists Federation your bike should have at least one headlamp and at least one taillight.

The lamps must be mounted on the bike, but you may well have a lamp for example on your bike helmet as a supplement to your headlights and taillights. Rear lights must bright red and the right rear and a front lamp must light yellow, white or bluish. Powerful headlamps must light obliquely downward, and if your bike light glows amber, it must not blink. Your bike lights must clearly be visible at least 300 meters distance and be visible from the side.

Good cheap bike lights

On the Internet, you will find a large selection of inexpensive bicycle accessories, including both cheap tail lights and headlights. You can get the bike lights that cover most people’s needs, and you can also get bike lights for children’s bikes. The range of bike lights is available with different levels of intensity and all our bike lights are of course authorized by applicable law.

Magnetic Light Sets to the battery

DIN online bicycle shop rear lamps, which can both be fitted permanently, and lamps, you can easily take with you. You can get fixed-mounted magnetic lighting and battery lamps that can be easily clicked on and off. You will have the retro bike lights to the classic bike, sharp LED lights, bicycle lights, bicycle or with rechargeable batteries, we also have it in the bike shop. No matter what kind of bike lights, you are looking for, it’s a good idea to start the ride on, before cycling off into the darkness.