Tip to Take the Subway to the Bikelane for Leisure

Santa Cruz subway station is relatively close to the Parque das bicycles, one of the “ends” of the Bikelane Sao Paulo leisure. And on Sunday, subway trains (and also the CPTM) accept the transport of bikes all day.

Updating: with the opening of the stations of the yellow line on Sundays, arriving by subway was much easier here!

Dali, recommend the path below (click to enlarge), avoiding roads with bus or fast traffic:

Return the map above indicates two possible paths for the back. Parque das Bicycles can be made virtually the same way, with a few differences due to the streets. In return, there will only be a strong rise, on AV. 11 of June, which can be done by pushing the bike.

There is another way, also indicated on this map, leaving from gate 9 to Ibirapuera Park and leading up to the Metro Vila Mariana. This path also aims to use peaceful ways, although at some points the space is divided with bus. But the climb is better distributed along the way, which makes it less tiring.

Leave the car at home on Sunday and enjoy cycling!

Here are good tips for riding on the street

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