Three Ways to Elevate The Leg for an Integral Work of Middle and Lower Gluteus

The buttocks, on all middle and lower gluteus, are which allow the hip abduction and also stabilize the same walking preventing this tipping when we only rely on one leg. That their work is fundamental and a very easy for strengthening these muscles is the Hip abduction on the ground.

Below we show you three ways to elevate the leg in this exercise to fully work the Middle gluteus and lower, i.e., for each muscle in its entirety while we make on the ground, hip abduction.

To perform Hip abduction exercise we must put aside, with the supported arm and head with the hand. From there, we make a side elevation of the leg that allows the hip abduction to work gluteus middle and lower.

The three ways to raise the leg side while maintaining the body’s side allow us to work different parts of the Middle and lower buttocks in order to exercise them in their entirety.

We can raise the leg vertically or can lean it slightly backwards or forward. It is always advisable to perform repetitions with each of these variants and thus, get a comprehensive job of the buttocks it allow us to stabilize the hip and mobilize it without problems.

To make abduction of hip fractures in the ground, remember make series that include repetitions with these three variants to work the Middle gluteus and lower in its entirety gluteus.