This Pedal Will Transform Our Bicycle on a Connected Device

We have only a few hours since it started officially the 2015 CES and in the little that we have seen there is a marked tendency in products seeking to monitor something, i.e., sensors for everything, What can skip buying the product full and opt only for a sensor that transform that article into “smart”.

Such is the case of Connected Cycle, a pedal that settles easily to our bike into a new device capable of let us know when someone touches our bike, of course, all through our smartphone.

Updating that old bike

This pedal, in which we will only need one, is installed as any pedal and It is compatible with all kinds of bicycles, It’s a French development which will be available in the coming months according to their manufacturers starting in Europe but with shipments of international fashion.

Pedal is water and shock resistant aluminum, made in its interior incorporates a a SIM with data and GPS sensor to send your location to our smartphone via a mobile app, with this it will be possible to always know where is the bike, whether we’ve parked it or that it has been stolen and we won’t have to worry because she is stolen only pedal since it has a locking system through a special key that only we can use.

Also has a built-in battery that you won’t need to load, since the pedal mechanism that get your own energy from the movement. Of course the pedal also features sensors that will help us to monitor various factors of our activity, such as speed, route, elevation and calories, showing everything in the application through statistics and graphs.