This Electric Bicycle Does Not Need Plugs, Only The Light of The Sun

Lately we are seeing all kinds of alternatives in the segment of the electric bicycles: from the most modern (and faces) to which support iBeacon or are charged wirelessly. But there are other ways to charge these electric bikes: using solar energy.

It is what achieves the development of Jesper Frausig, a Danish engineer who created the Solar Bike and as its name suggests allows you to recharge your electric motor thanks to the solar panels they are integrated into their wheels. The creator says that despite this curious design and orientation problems (in the usual angle of operation of the bicycle, the reception is not optimal) their cells are “optimized for the shadows”.

When the bike is stopped these solar cells go recharging the battery shaped thermos that is attached to one of the picture tubes, and when we put in motion that energy provides to our bike rides themselves faster and with less effort.

According to its creator, the autonomy of this battery is 70 km and the engine achieves that we reach speeds up to 50 km/h, although the standard speed is 25 km/h. That solar cells not only allow to facilitate those movements, but they also make the bike lights have also the necessary autonomy. The project is at the moment not a commercial reality, and remains to be seen if this engineer just taking advantage of the development in this respect and puts it on sale.