The Rider’s Square Is The Square Of Citizenship

Rider square, in São Paulo, is the meeting place of cyclists for many years. Since before it was called that. In fact, that’s why she won that name.

But that everyone already knows.

In addition to the meeting place, the square of the cyclist is starting point of the Bike Ride of the month Pedalinas, the honors Marcia Prado, the World Naked Bike Ride (Naked bike ride), the Bike of world car free day, demonstrations and sporadic actions as homage to Eunhae and breakfast for Cyclists, promoted by Ciclocidade at the last world car free day, and cycle trips. And anything else I must have forgot.

Whew! But that everyone (or almost) already know…

The novelty is that the recurrence of the use of the rider’s Square by Bike and other bicycle-related events made it a point of reference for other actions to fight for citizenship.

On December 16, about 180 people left the cyclist’s Square toward the city of São Paulo, in the city centre, in demonstration against the increase in bus ticket.

In January, another demonstration against the increase on the day 17, this time bringing together thousands of people. Leaving the square, the demonstrators traveled the entire length of the Avenue Paulista.

For February, is already being released a March against homophobia for the day 19, a Saturday, at 15 hours, taking the square of the cyclist as a concentration point and (more information in the link).

I think this is great … More people get excited to fight for their rights, for respect and dignity!

Streets are for everyone. And the square of the rider too.


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