The New Marginal Is A Mistake And It’s No Use Makeup

State representative Samuel Matthews, leader of the PSDB in the Legislative Assembly of the State of Sao Paulo, wrote an article for the newspaper Destak “title the Tiete River is, Yes, more and better”. The purpose of the article is to defend the work of extension of the Marginal Tietê, named “New Marginal”. Do below few comments on the text, which is absurd from beginning to end.

Environmental issues

Much of the text is dedicated to emphasize that the work will not harm the river. And, to prove your point of view, he argues using such Linear Park, which will be built right away, plus “plumbing, cleaning and desassoreamentos (…) Of streams, streams and rivers across the State”, which would be carried out with or without New Marginal.

Also works for sewage treatment and flood-fighting works being made since 2007. That is, to try to convince him that the work of extension shall not affect the River, are now starting to dig up alleged environmental compensation in works that have nothing to do with this and that would be carried out in the same way. In other words, we’re going to ruin here, because the other side we’ve fixed something else so it’s all so even …

See another side of this story here and read about the investigation of the Prosecutors. Or search for yourself in the subjects published in the press. But of course, the Government says that the criticism of the work are nothing more than opposition intrigue.

Human and airy town

The time of travel by the new Marginal fall, then about 35%, and the city will be more human, agile and airy. Samuel Matthews,
State Deputy for PSDB,
in newspaper article Destak “The city will be more humane and airy”. That absurd to say such a thing! Infrastructure generates demand. When you widen the space for private car, this space is quickly filled with more – cars as happened with the cable-stayed Bridge. People today opt for other ways, will try the new. People who before had no car and now bought one (it’s 1000 new cars a day in this town), will also opt for “new” Marginal, because he heard that is fast. And as a city with more and more cars can be more humane and airy? Because of the expansion of an avenue, which will attract even more cars to her? Oh, spare me makes no sense …!

Time travel

This decrease in travel time 35% everyone knows (or should know) that is talk to ox sleep. Even though there’s going to be NO increase in number of vehicles traveling on Marginal Tietê (which is impossible), all these cars will have to move soon to another place at some point. Will have to enter in the process that are already saturated. And in many cases, will arrive early in those saturated roads, instead of getting half an hour later, when the congestion would be slowing down a little. Then are you going to catch everything.

Expand avenues just worsening congestion. It’s exactly the opposite of the concept of traffic-calming, which says, among other things, that if you do navigate cars more slowly, taking longer to get to the Grands Boulevards, whose time is already in them out to another place and make room for those coming coming. So, the journey has smaller speeds, but it takes the same time or even less to reach their final destination.


Great effort! As for the New Marginal, it is important to note that she is part of a larger effort to improve traffic in the metropolitan area, along with the Beltway and the expansion of the subway. Samuel Matthews,
State Deputy for PSDB,
in newspaper article Destak

Is part of that effort also the tunnel to connect the Morumbi to Guaruja (R$2,2 Bi), the freak that I’ve called it Park Avenue (what is this? Or is or is Park Avenue!) And the expansion of other avenues. Better for whom, pale face? Will not improve or who uses the car, let alone the other 70% of the population who use public transportation, bike or foot.

If the goal was to improve traffic, there would be an exclusive track for coaches, for the myriad of cars that clog the Marginal don’t bother him so much. There was a bike path in the central construction, with hits in each bridge. If there was even interest in improving traffic, would invest more in public transport than investing in infrastructure to use private transport, but what you do today is the opposite.


The quality of life improves the flow of vehicles means more quality of life, with reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and of others that harm human health. Samuel Matthews,
State Deputy for PSDB,
in newspaper article Destak

The noble say that “improves the flow of vehicles means more quality of life”, due to an alleged reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s assuming the same amount of cars go through there and that the remainder of the trip would also have the same length of today, Mr. Will have more people opting for the New Marginal, without counting the steady rise of the fleet of cars in the city, which already mentioned there at the beginning of this article. And even if, hypothetically, fancifully talking, there was this reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, it would be underwhelming. I mean that instead of polluting for 1 hour, I’m going to pollute for 40 minutes? Wow, that breath! It’s like smoking light cigarettes, die the same way.

Excess of car

If it is to your interest to improve the quality of life in the metropolitan region, think of it all, Mr. And think also that the greatest cause of congestion is the excess. Have a car in the street, Mr. And it doesn’t resolve building Avenue, is blocking the Sun with a sieve, is to put tape in deep cut. You have to discourage the use of cars, while increasing the supply and quality of alternatives to it. It’s like handing out rum for free and at the same time ask for people to stop drinking: does not work! And, after all, looks like hypocrisy.

Build tunnels, boulevards and bridges for the exclusive use of cars does not improve the traffic, much less the quality of life of the inhabitants of the city. Now that’s missing with ” true “, as you say in your text. Or so is a lot of shortsightedness and ignorance of the subject even – is the reader.

The time will show how this initiative is misguided. The prospect promised still beautiful. I also want to live in the city which the Lord dreams, a more humane city, agile and airy, but need to walk toward her.

Good luck and have fun when driving the New Marginal next year, Mr. We will continue breathing the smoke coming out of your exhaust every day.

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