The Inauguration Of The Popular Leisure Bikelane

The new snippet of the Bikelane for leisure in Sao Paulo’s already signaled. Although the opening is scheduled for 23 January day, with tape near the anniversary of the city, this Sunday what he saw was a lot of people using the new.

Sustained by the signaling and containing themselves the few cars that solved disrespect, forced hundreds of people with your presence the Bikelane leisure activity on Sunday, a week before the scheduled inauguration.

Even without cones or easels, people flowed from people’s Park to the park Villa Lobos, many leading children to your side. Although men of CET had their orders to stop people pass the Bikelane Park, they were doing it away from your eyes. And, even without the isolation and segregation of the cones and sawhorses were worth your right to movement in and exclusivity guaranteed on track demarcated.

That the incident has served to experience to the CET and for the City Department of transportation, which must understand that rather than segregated ways, what we need is clarifying the right signage of the rider to use the roads and supervision to curb abuse of bad drivers

Much cheaper and more efficient to make bike lanes is to change the city so that the rider is accepted and respected amid the traffic, as the traffic law since 1997. To do this, simply a broad awareness campaign of the drivers on the right of cyclists to share the road, flagging officiating our presence in the streets and fines in disrespect to articles like 38, 201 and 220 of the code:

With the large amount of circulating in new cyclists, the CET was afraid of conflicts and accidents caused by reckless drivers and resolved to isolate some points with cones.

By we could follow, this happened about noon, at the end of the operation hours of the Bikelane. Even so, only a very small fraction of the route was physically segregated from cars. And even on the bridge Garden City, in which only one side was segregated by cones and the flow of vehicles is intense and well above 40 km/h, there was compliance with the cars to stretch signaled.

There are some big holes in this new snippet, which can cause a great tumble in a distracted or less experienced cyclist. But a little birdie told me that will be covered throughout the week.

Even with all the pent-up demand demonstrated this weekend, riding a bicycle on the street continues to be seen by the city – and many – drivers just like a Sunday program. So the awareness of the right to share the road becomes so urgent.

Bicycles of all kinds, cyclists of all ages. The spirit of leisure Bikelane overflow for the other days of the week and for roads not flagged. The first step in this is the recognition and support of the Secretary of Transportation to use the bicycle as a means of locomotion, not just as a joke of the weekend.

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