The DGT Opens Part Of Its Accident Data By Municipalities

You investigate issues of road safety? Like to know the statistics of your municipality? Would you like to compare the claims of two cities or towns? The General Directorate of traffic has launched a municipal information portal , which seems to us to have entertained a season.

One example: the claims registered in Logroño in 2013

Information is broken down by provinces, and for each municipality, brings data of population census of drivers, Park vehicles registered, middle age, other information relating to vehicles (if you have the last ITV), the amount of sanctions that has sapped points and most importantly for us: the numerical data of consequences of the accident, as number of injured (mild/hospitalized) and deceased according to used vehicle.

We assume that for reasons of competence and agreements, the Basque country, which has transferred its own Department of traffic, road safety is not included in this portal. If the claims of some Basque city you can go to the website of statistics of Trafikoa (Department of security of the Basque Government) or directly to the memories of the local police or city councils of Bilbao, Donostia or Vitoria.

They seem to be good news, but as we are in favour of a high standard of quality in the release of data, we will allow us to give a few comments. The data is are delivering in a file compressed RAR that contains a PDF for each municipality.

It’s great that these data be submitted, and is very useful for the final reader that are in PDF, but if someone intends to do a statistical treatment with computer is going to have to sweat to get the data. The PDF format is hard to import: Dear DGT, do too much to ask that I will attach a CSV or another format that will allow a faster treatment? I do not know which format uses the INE, but you could perhaps take note to facilitate the work to researchers, that is what it is.

However, it is one step closer to the release of data and we think thank. What do you think? What can be done with this data?