The Damage Caused by Ecovias

The site Bike on the street did the calculation of loss caused by the illegal concessionaire stubbornness Ecovias, while preventing hundreds of cyclists to travel on the highway of immigrants last year, in the event that became known as Interplanetary bike ride.

According to the calculations described in the matter, the State Government, through the activities of the highway patrol, shelled out about of R$ 16,550.00 to stubbornly and without legal basis, prevent cyclists descend the mountain, causing slowdowns on the freeway and putting lives at risk.

Beyond the direct loss to the public purse with unnecessary allocation of a reasonable effective highway patrol to prevent a legal right, there was still: the allocation cost of military police (no estimate); the damage to trade from the road, estimated by the blog at R$ 2,100.00; and the damage to trade and coastal services, estimated at R$ 13,000.00, between bus tickets, lodging and meals.

Meanwhile, ARTESP, which should protect the interests of the citizen (table below), is playing dumb in the face of the clear and blatant disregard of the law and the rights of people.

What should I do to ARTESP?

Second supplementary law No. 914, of 14 January 2002, which established the Public Services Regulatory Agency Delegates of Transportation of the State of São Paulo (ARTESP):

Article 2 – to follow the following principles: ARTESP
II – equity in treatment to users, to the various regulated entities and other institutions involved in providing or regulating transport, authorized, allowed or granted;
III – impartiality, evidenced by the independence of public or private sector influences that might taint the credibility of the decision-making procedures inherent in the exercise of regulatory functions;

Article 3 – Are fundamental goals ARTESP:
V – meet, through the regulated entities, the reasonable requests of essential services to meet the needs of the users;
VI – promote stability in relations between government authorities, regulated entities and users;

Article 4 – the ARTESP, services included in their purpose, shall have the following tasks:
XIII – resolve, within administrative and technical differences between permissionarios and authorized dealers, and between these agents and users; 17TH Act in the defence and protection of the rights of users and the other agents affected by public transport services under your control, receiving petitions, representations, claims, and promoting the necessary verifications;

Article 20 – the Ombudsman will be appointed by the Governor of the State, with term of 2 (two) years, allowed a renewal, and will have the same remuneration of Directors, competing you receive suggestions and ascertain the users complaints against the operation of own ARTESP and regarding public transport.

With that in mind, look at the service provided by the Ombudsman of Artesp, and draw their own conclusions.

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