The Copenhagen Wheel, The Project to Convert Any Bicycle into an Electric Is Now Available

Just four years ago, it already is coincidence, on Engadget I talked of The Copenhagen Wheel. A project developed with the collaboration of different developers and researchers, including part of the MIT team. Their goal: turn any bicycle into an electric.

It’s been long time since we saw that video footage showing little about their project, although he made it clear his purpose. Now at last, we can get with it since it is in reserve and will be released soon.

Quantifying and universalizing electric bike

For those who don’t know, The Copenhagen Wheel is a part that replaces the rear plate of the bicycle. We removed it, engage the same chain and started pedaling to go storing electrical energy within this singular red wheel.

In addition to convert any bike to electric, also with different sensors that are designed so that you can develop them get you the maximum possible benefit: quantification of data, the ability to control the speed from the mobile…

A quite interesting although not economic to simple project view since if we do ourselves with it we will have to pay no more and no less than $700, about 600 euros to change. It is true that it is cheaper than a good electric bike.

Initiatives of this kind, show that quantifying goes beyond our two-legged car-free movement of through. We’ll see if it progresses, has good acceptance and eventually have more economical versions. For some manufacturers such as Parrot and Fitbit, it fits them perfectly.