The Boots Of Vehicles Electric Will Be Mandatory In The Streets

A Royal Decree of the Ministry of industry on December 12, 2014 launches a regulation of infrastructure for charging electric vehicles, according to the reference of the Council of Ministers of the Moncloa.

Signal that indicates point of recharge of vehicle electrical

The regulation requires the installation of Chargers or preinstallation of these in them buildings and car parks of new construction, and also in it via public according to them squares planned in them PMUS. Specifically, for housing is require the tubes and pipes and for parking a charger by each forty seats.

The justification of the regulation, according to the press release, is as follows:

The approval of this standard will involve benefits environmental (reduction of emissions of CO2); in political industrial (sectors of automotive and of equipment electric), in political commercial by the reduction of the deficit trade because of import of products petroleum, in mobility urban, quality of life and unit of market.

We do not believe neither good nor bad to require such facilities, but yes we understand that is a comparative problem with allowance for bicycle. Except exceptions in some communities, as Andalusia, where it law of mobility sustainable requires the installation of at least two squares of bicycle by housing, general it installation of bicycle parking depends on of the will and capacity of them municipalities, promoters of housing and communities of neighbouring. Some strive more and others ignore this problem.

And it seems that in many cases the will is not enough. Request the installation of bicycle parking is relatively simple in municipalities that comprise this need, but if there are that ask it to the community of owners or if the town hall not is conscious with this theme, the issue is complicates.

Bicycle parking in LogroƱo.

Remember that according to the study of the City University of Madrid that exposed reasons of use of the bicycle, it security perceived facing vandalism or theft of them bicycles is one of them factors with more weight in deter to it people of the use usual of the bike as half of transport. Provide secure bicycle parking at home, work, and the street is an essential requirement for that bike is popularized.

Unless Councils have a chance in this mandatory installation: why not include bicycle parking annexes to the Chargers of public roads? If the intent of the standard is to reduce CO2 emissions, imports of oil and improvement of urban mobility and quality of life, the bike responds even better than electric vehicles. And the bike stands are cheap. Not there is color!