The Bike in The City and Electric Bicycles. Tecnoticias on Wheels

In Motorpasión future we speak especially of hybrid and electric cars, and new technologies in cars. It may seem strange to talk about also bikes, but these do not cease to be a system of alternative mobility further, that in Spain we still have very little into account, but that it is very valid.

And for a country like this where not always our city is plain but have slopes and ledges, can be an endeavor and extra hassle to use it for small movements every day, so a Electric Bicycle It is a great option to make the bike more comfortable and practical: it is healthy, does not pollute, is silent, would reduce traffic jams and consumes very little power.

So for end of the year, let us tell you what is an electric bicycle, from the technical and regulatory point of view, and the ciclocarriles and ciclocalles can help economic and quickly the coexistence with the rest of motor vehicles moving around the city, as well as a more secure way.

Look if the electric bike is gaining prominence, which are held up to specific international lounges on her, like the Electric Bike Media Event in California.

A review of a few electric bikes

The Smart eBike is one electric bike carefully designed for those who do not want a bike so conventional, and not import them to pay a little more. It is already on sale in Spain. Also modern and distinctive design, we have the LEAOS, made of carbon fiber, but for even wealthy pockets.

On the other hand for those who prefer a look vintage, B4 E-Cruizer seems to transport us to the years 50 and 60. But if you want something cheaper you can opt for an electric bike as the Momentum Electric Upstart, very light and life road bike look.

For those who want more power and speed than of a simple bike, but to have a motorcycle, a Electric moped light and “design” as the Xkuty One can be your choice..

By the way, for bikers BEARTek gloves that allow you to remotely control our smartphone with certain gestures are very curious (but for now they are just a prototype).

Toyota City

New technologies for automobile

About autonomous driving There are also things that count. For example, Toyota has built an urban circuit, a small ghost town, Toyota City, to investigate new technologies, communication systems car to car and semi-autonomous and autonomous driving systems.

NVIDIA anda also stuck on this issue, and will investigate new processors more powerful and efficient for autonomous vehicles to the Government of the United States. The objective is to develop new processors with a process per watt 75 times greater than the current capacity.

Continental, German brand known mainly for producing wheels, also is accelerating its work on autonomous driving. They are up to in service fully autonomous vehicles, as Induct, a kind of minibus electric to carry students within the University campus.

The tyres they are a component that could also evolve technologically much in the future. From tires with self-inflated Goodyear, up to almost incredible Adaptive Hankook tires (you have to do post videos to better understand what you propose).

Don’t miss the articles that you prepare on lightweight materials, one way to reduce the weight, and in consequence the consumption and pollution from automobiles: the first on metallic materials (e.g. aluminium) and the second on non-metallic materials (plastics for example). Also I have explained what and how is the bio of algae, a type of renewable biofuel.

To end this section what best to review the ten most promising technologies for the next years.

Hydrogen, lights and shadows

We can find people who defend the hydrogen as future transportation solution, and others that do not end up seeing it yet. Be that as it may, the truth is that today still have its lights and shadows, because it certainly has some advantages, but also a few disadvantages. Don’t miss the experience of Javier Costas on hydrogen, when stayed if precisely prove an excellent Honda FCX Clarity for those inconveniences.

Others believe more in battery electric cars as an alternative to weight for mobility of the future. It should bear in mind among other things that the electricity networks of the future will be intelligent and electric vehicles will have a leading role in them. Both things we explain in detail in the article of Motorpasión future.

Research and progress in new batteries they reinforce the idea that the vehicles can improve much in the future: the batteries of BASF’s sodio-aire, with ten times more capacity that the current lithium-ion, are very promising (think of an electric car that could theoretically have up to 2,000 km of autonomy).

And aren’t the only ones: Toyota progresses in his research on the magnesium ion batteries with twice the capacity of the lithium, lead acid batteries could be useful thanks to new technologies that would make them more capable and completely recyclable, and even investigated on ion batteries of lito with organic cathode and even cathode for battery obtained from plants.

A very interesting note and that some can even surprise: today, even with limited autonomy, is that the electric cars they are more usable in every day of what many people think, as much as for that stats will deliver very curious facts as that drivers of electric cars drive more miles per day than the conventional cars with combustion engine.

Best hybrid and better electric 2012

Another year we celebrate Awards The best of 2012 in Motorpasión, and among other categories we have the best hybrid car in 2012 and the best electric car in 2012. If you enter two links you will see the list of ten candidates in one and another category and you can vote your favorite. Do not fail to vote: you are to choose the best.

And finally I invite you to know a new model hybrid car that I’ve tried, available now in Spain, compact and affordable, the new Toyota Auris hybrid.