The Answer From The Sugar Loaf And The Lost Bike Rack

As a continuation to the previous issue here than Go to Bike, which was the theft of a bicycle in the parking lot of a supermarket and lack of tact (to say the least) with which the client was treated by public officials, the answer I got from Pao de Acucar group:

The Sugarloaf apologizes for what happened and that is already approved the installation of a bike rack. In contact with the client, manages the store apologized and will serve you in your request. 5/31/2010

Despite the short answer and without detailing any, knew by Luciana, the client, who on Friday even an employee of the client’s House – a kind of ombudsman Department of Grupo Pao de Acucar – contacted me promising to solve the problem as soon as possible. The employee said he talked with the store management, talking even about the behavior of officials in front of the case. The company will replace the loss of Luciana, giving her a bike just like what was stolen.

I hope especially that have clear to officials that a customer who arrives by bike has the same value as those who arrive by car. The way that Luciana was treated, she could very well sue the company for damages.


Bike rack

Promised to install a bike rack in the store where the problem occurred. I just hope that this bike rack is really.


Disclosure When I took care of it in the previous post, illustrated the story with a photo of a sign of bike rack, you can see again next. This photo is on the site “Green” Sugar Loaf. Well, I spent today on such da Vila Clementino green store and looked for this card.

I couldn’t find any bike rack on both floors of the garage. I asked an employee of the parking, very nice, told me the place to stop bicycles would be along with the bikes in the parking lot below.

With no indication and without bikes stationed at that time, it took me a while to find the place. When found, I saw that there was no support for support or hold a bike, just a bare wall and the narrow tracks in the ground marking places the bikes.

Asked the security guard that was next to the exit gate if there was an appropriate place to park the bike. Also very helpful, he said there was a place out there, but I could leave the bike right there that he would look for me. Upon leaving, I didn’t see any bike rack outside. And, even if there were, the outside of the store would offer the same security to lock the bike to a post.

Refuse to believe that they have published on the website a photo of something that doesn’t exist. It is not possible to have such chutzpah, that bogus supporting bike to demonstrate “with the new” times or whatever can get to this level. So, I intend to go back at some point, in search of his lost bike.

Yes, I’m an incorrigible optimist. And if anyone solve through there in the meantime, tell us here what it was like.

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