The Andalusian Bicycle Plan Needs Consensus

It does not give us time to read everything that we have pending. In Andalusia, the Board of the Socialist Party has approved the Plan Andaluz de la Bicicleta (PAB), which involves investment of about 421 million euros to 7 years.

As 421 million is enough money and circulates all sorts of interests, the news has raised dust in politics and the media Andalusians. You can read everything. A part of the PP you think that the thing will not create enough jobs,  and the PSA seems to be repaid in a year.  In general, leaving no room surprise, related means the parties in power they say that quite well and others that it is an unnecessary extravagance. We do not want to take away the excitement of choosing their own position, we prefer that  you choose in Google News bias they like.

And if they forget bias, directly consult the Plan as published by the Board (PDF),  access the website of the Board on the Plan  or to download documents cities / themes. The PDF is very long, and cyclists networks includes proposals for major cities. If you are Andalusians and go by bike, it is a good reading for Sunday.

General objectives of the Andalusian Bicycle Plan, 2014-2020

We could give up to make a couple of observations on the matter. Are you interested? Follow, follow.

you need consensus

Personally, I think the plan has many good things but is threatened by political issues. It ‘s great that there is political and budgetary willingness to promote the use of bicycles as transportation and as a tourist vehicle, but this can not be done if there is no agreement of all the institutions involved,  and I mean those municipalities of opposite sign to the Board who oppose this plan. Sure there is upgradable details, but do not understand the opposition to the plan as a whole. Perhaps you should ask Mr. Maroto,mayor of Vitoria by the Popular Party, which pass by Andalusia and tell them about the benefits it has brought the unanimous commitment bike with LED lights in CancerMatters. Because this bike is not a matter of party or ideology.  It is comfort, speed, quality of life and health.

About the money it costs the plan, I tell you the truth I do not know how much or little. I love to read opinions in this regard. Yes we can compare figures: PAB plans to invest 421 million in 7 years, about 60 million annually, and only in 2014 the Ministry of Public Works will invest 335 million in roads to Andalusia, the new bridge over the bay of Cadiz and eaten, he alone, 60 million. A lot, enough, enough, enough?


Focused on infrastructure

It distinguishes a regional network for cycling / leisure and othermunicipal networks for displacement, both interconnected and public transport networks.

The bulk of the plan as proposed public  infrastructure,  and speaks less of interventions sensitization or dissemination.  Indicates that make sectoral plans from various Ministries Board, and criteria are defined; also it proposes dissemination tools and to channel proposals, but does so with much less detail than is dedicated to the proposed infrastructure.

The Board intends to coordinate the technical criteria to unify and simplify the task to municipal technicians, which is an excellent idea. It also proposes to unify the bylaws, a genuine need. Thus, in the objectives it is proposed to define a comprehensive strategy (I assume replicable) broadcast of the bicycle, and when applied adapt this strategic plan to the peculiarities of each agglomeration.

Dodging the debate over whether the best solution is to allocate money to infrastructure , among other things because the Plan indicates that existing be reused and recommend sharing platform with the car where necessary, and does not advocate building bike lanes haphazardly are- I worry that do not focus enough on user awareness. Of all  drivers, but also cyclists and pedestrians. People are the ones that must then use to find new or old infrastructure, and if they find no reason to change  remain true to their customs.

Phased action lines, metropolitan scale for the Andalusian Plan of the Bicycle

And if there are cities implementing the plan reluctantly, and therefore may refuse to allocate resources to promote  or hinder the execution, it poses a threat to its success.

However, the plan has just been introduced and it has a long route: 2020. Along the way are many decisions to make and many proposals to consider. If it achieved consensus and support of the municipalities, and whether it is a replicable strategy advocacy and awareness, will surely get your goals. Let ‘s hope so.

PS: Marbella (governed by the PP) has protested not be included in the first phase of the plan. The strange thing is that other sources indicate that is already included, and the plan itself appears as part of the regional network in the shaft 5 (coast). Surely concern that is not included in Málaga metropolitan network, which reaches Fuengirola.