Tea Aerobic Exercise Helps You Sleep Better

The physical exercise It has been able to demonstrate, through various studies, its multiple benefits on the human body and through the practice of physical activity regular, we can check the relaxing and revitalizing effect at the same time after putting the body in motion.

Specifically, the aerobic exercise It greatly contributes to cardiovascular health, optimizes breathing, increases caloric expenditure, reduces anxiety and those are not their unique benefits.

A study carried out in São Paulo has evaluated individuals with insomnia to analyze the effects of moderate aerobic, vigorous aerobic exercise and exercise of force on the quality of the dream.

The results have shown that the moderate aerobic exercise It was that reached greater benefits, since it decreased sleep latency and the time they spent awake in 36% and increased total sleep in a 21% time as well as, improved the efficiency of the hours of rest.

People who suffer from insomnia often must rely on drugs to be able to sleep and have real rest that allows them to continue their daily activities undisturbed.

The practice of aerobic exercise of moderate intensity can be of great help not only for patients with sleep disorders, but for all of us that often we experience stress, anxiety and nervousness that prevents us from sleep with peace of mind.

Then, walk daily, perform dances or ride a bike at a steady but moderate pace not only provide remarkable benefits on our fitness and about our health, but it can significantly improve the quality of life of people suffering from insomnia as of each of us to promote a pleasant dream that really allows us to rest.

Sleep is one more reason to mobilize our body and finish with the sedentary lifestyle that sick human beings.