Restaurants in Uruguay

Cuisine and Restaurants in Uruguay

According to BRIDGAT.COM, Uruguayan cuisine is a mix of Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, British and German culinary traditions. Here they eat a lot of meat, vegetables (especially potatoes), sweets and drink a lot of wine. Popular dishes The main national dish is asado a la parilla (“asado-a-la-parilla”). This is fresh meat cut into plates, cooked […]

Economy of Uruguay

Economy of Uruguay

According to businesscarriers, Uruguay has an export-oriented agricultural sector, a highly skilled workforce. Located between the “big neighbors” – Brazil and Argentina – Uruguay depends on their economic situation, as 45% of Uruguayan exports are sold in the markets of these countries. Since the devaluation of the Brazilian real in 1999, Uruguay has been in […]

Eating in Uruguay

Eating in Uruguay

What do the people of Uruguay like? There are many dishes in Uruguay that originally come from Europe. That’s because so many Europeans immigrated here and of course brought their food preferences with them. Pizza and pasta from Italy and stews and rice dishes from Spain are popular dishes. Meat is also particularly important. Bread […]

Uruguay History 2

Uruguay History Part II

The 20th century At the turn of the century, there were again troubled years from 1897 with attempted coups and brutal fighting. José Batlle y Ordóñez brought democratic structures in 1903 and in his second term in office from 1911 he created a welfare state with an 8-hour day, pension insurance and much more. There […]

Uruguay History 1

Uruguay History Part I

History of Uruguay until independence The first residents From 7000 BC The area of ​​today’s Uruguay was inhabited by humans. The Charrúa lived as hunters and gatherers until the European conquest. Other indigenous peoples were the Minua, the Chaná and a few more. First Europeans (16th century) After Christopher Columbus discovered America, more and more […]

Uruguay Wildlife

Uruguay Wildlife and Economy

Animals and Plants Animals and plants in Uruguay Uruguay’s landscapes are the pampas and the coast. Plants and animals that occur here are adapted to these two habitats. What animals are there in Uruguay? In the pampas the biodiversity is not that great, so there are few animal species. Some have also been ousted because […]

Uruguay Religion

Uruguay Religion

The state and church are separate Uruguay and religious freedom prevails. More than half of the residents identify as Christians, most of whom are Catholics, but many do not actively believe. The percentage of non-believers is highest in Latin America. The Catholic Church has traditionally dominated the religious community, but the state and the church […]