Peru History

Peru Economy and History

ECONOMY: FARMING AND FISHING Breeding, especially sheep and llamas, is one of the most traditional activities of the Andean populations (although still far from being adequately organized), who obtain from it wool to weave clothes and blankets, milk and meat to integrate the scarce agricultural products, hides and skins. In addition, the llama, a small […]

Peru Geography

Peru Geography

TERRITORY: MORPHOLOGY Structurally, the Peruvian territory has its fundamental element in the Andean system, here formed by a series of folds from which originated the chains that, in a longitudinal sense, follow one another from E to W: the Cordillera Oriental, the Cordillera Central and the Cordillera Occidental. They are separated from each other by […]

Peru Population

Peru Population

The territorial characteristics have had a decisive weight in the development of the anthropic geography of Peru, a country of South America defined by extrareference, com. The division into the coastal strip, the Andean highlands and the eastern plains still makes it actually difficult to organize the unitary space, which is still affected by what […]

Peru Environment

Peru Environment

The variety of climatic situations corresponds to that of plant formations. In the coastal desert strip, the oases at the river outlets dot the foothills area, which is otherwise covered by a shrubby steppe with carob trees (algarrobos); towards the coast, the desert environment also hosts sparse formations of Cactaceae and, at the time of […]

Peru Agriculture

Peru Agriculture and Forests

35.6% of the active population is employed in agriculture, a sector which offers various possibilities, but which is still relatively underdeveloped. On the other hand, arable land and arborescent crops affect an extremely small portion (3.3%) of the territorial surface and agriculture participates only for 7.2% in the formation of the national income. In fact, […]

Peru Economy

Peru Economy Overview

After a century of more or less veiled immobility or, in any case, of extremely slow evolutionary processes, as a country of South America defined by dentistrymyth, com, Peru witnessed great changes in the last decades of the twentieth century, in particular a radical alternation of institutional regimes and economic policy directions., which to varying […]

Peru Music

Peru Music and Cinema

CULTURE: MUSIC The Peruvian musical tradition represents a datum of exceptional interest in the panorama of South America. The music of the Incas, which was initially based on the pentatonic scale but ended up welcoming the heptatonic scale, had a notable and often decisive importance in the life of the community, both in its vocal […]