Honduras Travel Guide

Honduras Travel Guide

TRAVEL WARNING Country-specific safety information Travelers are urged to exercise caution and follow media coverage throughout the country. Demonstrations, rally locations, and crowds should be avoided. The crime rate in Honduras remains very high despite the decline in the number of violent crimes committed. It is characterized, especially under the influence of drugs, by a […]

Honduras Overview

Honduras Overview

GENERAL Official name of the state Republic of Honduras. Capital Tegucigalpa. Geography According to payhelpcenter, Honduras, together with Nicaragua, lies at the widest point of the Central American land bridge and borders on Nicaragua in the southeast, Guatemala in the northwest and El Salvador in the southwest. In the north lies the Caribbean (644 km […]

Christmas in Honduras

Honduras Animals and Plants

What about nature in Honduras? Unfortunately, not much is left of the tropical rainforest that once covered the entire lowland. Much of it was cut down because they wanted to gain arable land or needed wood for building huts or as firewood. In the remaining regions with tropical rainforest, especially in the Mosquitia area in […]

Honduras Economy

Honduras Economy

How is the economy in Honduras? According to oxfordastronomy, Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Central America. 17 percent of the population lives below the international poverty line and is therefore considered extremely poor. The affected people have less than $ 1.90 a day to live. Almost a third of the population is considered […]

On the tropical Atlantic coast near the Río Plátano biosphere reserve

Honduras Geography

Natural conditions Honduras can be divided into three landscape zones, each of which has a specific ethnic, cultural and economic character. The highlands in the west and south with the capital Tegucigalpa are mainly inhabited by the mestizo and indigenous majority of the population. From an economic point of view, mostly small-scale coffee cultivation is […]

Copán Ruinas is known for its detailed Mayan stone carvings

Honduras History and Politics

Honduras is a small and relatively sparsely populated country. The landscape can be divided into three zones: the highlands with coffee cultivation, the plain on the north coast with plantations and the Mosquitia jungle region in the northeast of the country. The climate is temperate to tropical. History Overview According to areacodesexplorer, the history of […]

Honduras Flag

Honduras State Government

Domestic Issues – The Current Government Juan Orlando Hernández (JOH for short) began his first term in 2013 after elections, which took place in a climate of social tension, increased militarization of public spaces, criminalization of social movements, impunity, human rights violations, as well as intimidation and murder of candidates from political parties and the […]

Honduras Salvador Nasralla

Honduras 2017 Elections

The 2017 elections and the ongoing crisis The election was held on November 26, 2017. The parties LIBRE and PINU have agreed to run together with the “Alliance of the Opposition Against the Dictatorship” (Alianza de Oposición contra la Dictadura) in the 2017 election. Sports journalist Salvador Nasralla was a candidate for the Alliance. The […]

Protesters at a road blockade in Ocotepeque Honduras

Honduras Corruption

Political culture, corruption and impunity The current scandal surrounding funds from the Social Insurance Institute (IHSS), which was embezzled to finance the 2013 election campaign of the National Party, shows how deeply corruption is anchored in political and economic culture. Political and social life in Honduras is strongly characterized by neopatrimonial structures, clientelism and governability […]

Honduras Domestic issues

Honduras Domestic issues

Domestic issues – the coup The 2009 coup had a lasting impact on domestic politics in the following years. José Manuel Zelaya Rosales (“Mel” Zelaya for short) took over the office of President on January 27, 2006 after narrowly outstripping his PN rival, later President Porfirio Lobo Sosa, in the 2005 elections. On June 28, […]