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Why Boxing is Good Exercise

Sport is a large area which includes many types of physical activity. In his isolation, we see that there are of two categories: individual and team. Team sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, notably played by men, many mark the history of the sport at the international level and even global through the various Championships. • Read More »

Benfica Champions League History

SL Benfica is a Portuguese football club that plays in the top division in Portugal Super Liga. The club from the Portuguese capital Lisbon and the biggest success in the club’s history to win the European Championship in 1961 and 1962nd

Women’s European Football Championship 2013

From Wednesday, July 10 to Sunday, July 28, 2013 to be held for women’s football European Championship in Sweden. EK Women’s History The first European Championship for women was in 1984. That year the tournament was officially European Competition for Representative Women’s Team. Sweden won the title that year.In 1987, second edition. From 1987 to 1997, the • Read More »

Brief Summary of The History of Baseball

It’s Sunday evening and Studio Sport is almost over when, after an extensive football program some other sports quickly past.This is the moment where baseball enthusiasts wait. But unfortunately, the transmissions of baseball often paltry few minutes. There is far too little for the fans and for the layman will make little impression fleeting minutes. Baseball deserves more • Read More »

Football Hooliganism Returning

The word hooliganism Winkler Prins returned meaningful football vandal. It suggests that a thug vandalism exercises that have to do with football. As a TV viewer for images of alleged hooliganism is questionable whether vandalism it has something to do with football.