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Internship At Our site: Tim Introduces Itself!

Our site offers the opportunity to students who took advantage of opportunity, an internship in the editorial office to complete-Tim p. from Hamburg and applied for such an internship with us. Read on if you more internship at Our site want to know about Tim. My name is Tim, I am hobby anglers and come from the beautiful • Read More »

Traíras Barranqueiras

Of the stick smooth to the fly. Check out the six modalities, and the correct equipments to do well in the fisheries of the popular sports and traíra. The betrayed is a typical fish of the south american continent and in Brazil can be captured in any environment, fresh water, rivers and dams, the lakes and • Read More »

Trout Fishing Natural Bait

Sunny days are here and there are many trout waiting to feast with the bait of the season. Depending on the altitude of the watercourse and its immediate environment, we fish more easily to the natural bait than with any other technique for trout. Overview on technical aspects of this fishery to OCD…

How to Bait a Fishing Pole

Fanstasques and fascinating, the marbled body of black and iridescent colors red-oranges, these cute little fins carnivorous of fish Riverare among the most likely to run into our waters. Like one of his close relatives, the pike perch, with which it completes the huge family of perciformes, common perch is inherently a gregarious nature, can she’ll love to gather in large • Read More »

Fishing in Freshwater

John Jones: It Cod rig When it comes to Chod rig I prefer the presentation of the old school. Rather than do a D rig, as they do today, most anglers prefer to do the installation with stiff hairs. Nowadays, when everyone caught in the same way, I think carp are used to deal with this. Not to • Read More »

Sea Fishing Rod Tips

There are sea fishing rods on the market in abundance. No wonder, because the Shads belongs to the most popular fishing method for sea fishing. If you would also like to travel to Norway to adjust the cod & co. with a Pirks, then the right rod is essential. Basic requirement for sea fishing rod The Hobby Anglerwho • Read More »

The Best Bait to Fish

If you are planning a trip in which he will fish in salt water, you need to know what kind of bait to use. Of course, your choice will depend on what type of fishing you plan to perform as well as the fish you want to catch. Many times, if you take a fish or not • Read More »