Plant life and Wildlife in Costa Rica

Plant life in Costa Rica The flora of Costa Rica is very species rich and includes more than 8000 vascular plants. The Caribbean lowland is covered by tropical rainforest, except where it is cleared for cultivation. Along the coast itself, many places grow mangroves. The lowlands of the Pacific have a more drought-prone vegetation with […]

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a republic in Central America between Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the southeast, with a coastline to the Pacific in the west and the Caribbean in the east. The land, which is slightly larger than Finnmark, also includes the island of Isla del Coco in the Pacific Ocean, about 550 […]

Crater lake

Geography of Costa Rica

Costa Rica consists of a coastal plain separated by high mountains forming the chains of Cordillera Central and Cordillera de Talamanca. The mountain ranges form a watershed between the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. Topographically, the country can be divided into three regions: the central highlands, which extend from the northwest to the southeast, the fertile […]