Brazil History 2

Brazil History Part II

The development 1945–1985 The opposition to Vargas’ dictatorial government resulted in his overthrow in 1945. Under the elected President General Eurico Gaspar Dutra (* 1885, † 1974), who was in office from 1946–51, the 1946 constitution re-introduced a democratic system of government. In 1950, Vargas was re-elected as president (took office in 1951). He pursued […]

Brazil History 1

Brazil History Part I

As a country of South America defined by thesciencetutor, org, Brazil has a common history with other South American countries (South America). Colonial times The Portuguese P. A. Cabral reached the Brazilian coast on April 22nd, 1500 near the future Bahia and took it on May 1st. owned for Portugal. Initially, the Portuguese only used […]

Brazil Religion

Brazil Religion

In Brazil there are more Roman Catholics than in any other country in the world. However, the Catholic Church is losing ground to fast-growing revivalist Christian communities. Freedom of religion is enshrined in the Constitution and respected by the state power. The proportion of Catholics in the population has dropped rapidly. In a 2016 survey, […]

Corinthians Arena Brazil

Does the heart beat hard for Timon? Regardless of your answer, we know one thing: if you are in Sao Paulo, visiting the Corinthians Arena is a great tour. See with us! Ah, the emotions that only football provides. Visiting a stadium on the day of departure, or even for a tour, is always a satisfying experience, and […]

Maracanã Stadium in Brazil

Are you sure you know Maracanã? Read this text and discover – really – the peculiarities of the most important stadium in Brazil! The Maracanã stadium is one of the great material patrimony of Brazil. Stage of a number of important events throughout our history, from World Cup finals to epic musical shows, the sports complex is […]

Fonte Nova Arena in Brazil

Come see the Fonte Nova Arena and discover that Soteropolitan tourism goes far beyond natural beauty. Like most Brazilians, are you a soccer lover? So what do you think about getting to know Fonte Nova Arena  when you go to Salvador? The stadium is among the most modern in the country. In addition, the fans chose him as the  Best Arena […]