Supports The Eve To The Purchase Of Electric Bicycles

If you live in the Basque country, or if you have a company there, and you are considering buying an electric bike, go preparing papers. Through Green City Cycles , we learned that The Basque energy entity (EVE) Announces aid for the purchase of pedal-assist bicycles.

The aid may request is of the 22 of mayo to the 15 of October of 2015. In the prospectus of the hood or on the website of the EVE They can consult more information, including the bases full of campaign (caution: long document).

We summarize it:

  • Subsidizes the purchase of a pedal-assist bike with 300 euros or up to 20% of the cost of acquisition.
  • They can benefit individuals or legal (also companies!) residing or social and fiscal headquarters are situated in the Basque country.
  • The application is presented in the headquarters of the EVE, in Bilbao:

EVE – Ente Vasco of the energy
P.o. box 5020 post
Bizkaia square building
c / Alameda de Urquijo, 36-1ª planta
48011 BILBAO

  • This is the documentation to present:

The appendices that cite are available here: annexes in PDF.

Grants will only be awarded until it runs out the budget, so hurry.