Stromer’s Electric Bike with Larger Batteries, Also The Most Expensive: 180 Km with a Load

It make sense spending? about 10,000 euros in an electric bike? If it is that really we can call this vehicle a bike, since despite having pedals, its batteries and power make it move like a motorcycle. It is called Stromer ST2 S, It is Swiss, and exists in different models, all of them with very high prices.

I know it is a rather easy resource, but some people describe this brand as the Tesla of bicycles and if you start to dig a little, we can say that do not lack them reason. Possibly the most expensive electric bike, but it is also one which more autonomy is able to offer thanks to its size and battery technology, and is that there is where presumed Stromer marked differences.

The top range model, called ST2 S, carry a battery of of 983Wh, near kW, making it go at a stroke more than 180 km, whenever conditions permit. Figures exaggerated for the types of tours we are going to do with a bike, but there it is, ready to work the whole week without that we remember to load it.

The Stromer ST2 S has the largest battery that can be found in an electric bike

The engine responds to the name of SYNO Drive. It is compact and is integrated in the rear hub, with a power of 500 Watts and a couple of 40Nm. It gets put to the bike in 45 kilometers per hour in less than 5 seconds.

The following striking that we need to know is carrying a computer on board and is called Omni. The bike is a “connected” model, is the least that we could ask a this price model: System communicates with our mobile phone and displays information about the navigation or parameters of driving, such as speed or made kilometres. The bike carries its own GPS.

Do me not very much that the picture is of aluminium, does not have anything against this material, but the price of the bike could well have gone carbon. I guess that they have thought of resistance, more than in the weight – 30 kg. Another highlight is the lighting is integrated in the bike: Supernova M99 Pro, with 1,250 lumens.

As for the transmission of the same, we have an electronic system of Shimano, Di2 XTR with 20 speeds. The brakes also have good pint to an electric bike, used drives Magura MT5.

The sum of all these things do not make us think to come to the € 9,000 that they ask for it, but there is, sure you are your audience. Like the world of cycling fans know that Stromer is a brand of the Group BMC.