Side of The Buttocks on Fitball Abduction

The work of buttocks It is something that worried everyone, keep a firm buttocks and in perfect condition is that most of those who attend the gym are looking for. For this reason, and to get it in the simplest way we will present in this occasion an exercise to achieve this. It’s one side abduction of buttocks for directly influencing the muscles that you make up the buttocks. To achieve this, we will make this exercise on a Fitball.

For your development need simply a ball Fitball and our own body, already using this tool that will achieve will be a higher incidence on the worked muscle, because having to stabilize us while we do the exercise also We incidiremos indirectly in the muscles that form the trunk, known as the core. The movement is very simple, although it is necessary to previously having a certain mastery of the body, as being about something unstable we can fall and hurt us.

To begin what will be lean back side on the Fitball ball, so that the side of the body is completely glued to it. The arm remaining on that side should be seized to the ball, and the leg on the same side must be shrunk, i.e. us capliso on that side on the floor. With the other side will maintain the stretched leg foot is not pasted onto the floor, but a little separated, and arm supported at the hips.

In this position, facing the front and straight back what we will do will be raise the leg that is farthest Fitball ball way side to a motion of ascent and descent that will force us to contract the muscles that make up the buttocks, since this movement will depend on them. It is essential to get above all maintain posture for about two seconds, because thus we further contraeremos in the machined part, obtaining better results.

So this exercise is effective what we will do is make fifteen repetitions per side in at least four series. We must bear in mind that the leg remains straight throughout the whole, since if we double it we will lose part of the stress that accumulates in it and that is the cause of the impact of this exercise on the part of the buttocks.