Sanyo Improves Your Bikes So You Generate Electricity When The Usas

Sanyo continues to support the use of the electric bicycles Apart from our borders. Its range ENELOOP It has improved now with two new models introduced a major upgrade to the power charged not only when you are moving costs down or when braking, but also regular movement.

The system of previous models of Sanyo ENELOOP electric bikes automatically it acted only at two times. Own bicycle recognized when we were using the brake and automatically changed the electric motor to recharge through a Dynamo mode. It was the same when we were leaving pedaling in a downhill.

The new model takes also the moments of pedalling for generate energy in a new cycle It is slightly different from the previous one. In this mode, the pedaling can also recharge the battery but a less intense form than in the automatic mode, in such a way that it does not cost more effort used bicycle for wanting to recharge it.