Seaport Village

San Diego: Five Must-Discover Highlights

According to Deluxesurveillance, San Diego exudes a calm self-assurance that is certainly not out of place for the city. In contrast to the bright lights and glamorous life of Los Angeles, San Diego has a relaxed atmosphere of intertwined communities. It’s a city where a cultural city break easily merges with a sun-soaked beach vacation: the ideal way to live up to their own claim of being ‘the most beautiful city in America’. In this guide we discover what this port, rich in history and culture, has to offer us.

Get on the Star of India

The Maritime Museum in the North Harbor has an extensive collection of ships and exhibits. But the absolute highlight has to be the Star of India. The ship was built in 1863 in Ramsey on the Isle of Man. Its maiden voyage was not entirely smooth: it was involved in a collision and there was a mutiny on the ship. Fortunately, times have changed. After circumnavigating the world 21 times and making 22 Alaska voyages, the ship has been docked in San Diego since 1926. The ship only sails once a year and allows people to take a step back in time. Here you can visit the captain’s quarters and learn how sailors hoisted the sails to guide the ship through the seven waters.

Dine at Seaport Village

The best seafood restaurants can be found in Seafood Village. If you fancy something different, there are also plenty of restaurants where you can order other delicacies. For a good breakfast, head to Buster’s Beach house and Longboard Bar where you can overlook the harbor while enjoying tasty seafood dishes such as the popular crab benedict. For lunch, also have a seafood dish at the Harbor House Restaurant, which is also very popular with the locals. Here they offer an impressive menu of oysters, mussels and shrimp cocktails.

Seaport Village

Relax on Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach is also a firm favorite among locals, offering a warm and sandy welcome to its visitors. You will find this stretch of beach between the Crystal Pier and Pacific Beach Drive. You can enjoy sunbathing, fishing and surfing here, but yoga on the beach is also a popular activity here; an ideal place for fun and relaxation. Plus, there are enough charming shops and restaurants for you to spend the day on Pacific Beach.

San Diego talent

The Embarcadero harbor is full of street performers. Discover what the future has in store for you with one of the fortune tellers, have your caricature drawn and marvel at how that artist still performs that magic trick. Some of the most famous artists are the navy veteran with his well-beaked parrots and an artist who makes unique creations with stones.

Take a cruise through the large harbor

Visitors to San Diego like to look out over the harbor, but from the water you have a beautiful view of the city skyline. On one of the cruises, you will glide under the iconic Coronado Bridge, seeing the skyscraper, sand, culture and cuisine from a completely different vantage point.