“Samba De Amigo”, to Burn Calories to The Rhythm of The Music

The music It has invaded the gyms and has come to the world of fitness for some time to help us to burn calories a fun.

But as well as the dance, the video games they are, today, a great alternative to exercise without leaving home, at the same time we have fun.

For this reason, a new game for the Wii approaching so that our body can enjoy with movements to the beat of the music.

The new musical play called”Samba de Amigo”and, according to what you can see in this trailer, it’s able to amuse an entire family, while your body enjoys burning calories.

So far, there is a specific accessory to be able to play to the beat of the music, but recently Amazon has shown the first pictures of the new maracas spicy red where we can place the Wii remote and mobilize them.

Fixtures will be released on 23 September and its cost will be $ 15.

I believe that with the myriad of creations in the field of technology and especially in video games, they are a valid alternative to add to our workouts or alternate with sessions of gym, because without moving us from the living room of our House we can have fun, relax and burn calories.