Pull-Ups and Push-Ups, Exercises More Highlights of 2010

Throughout 2010 we have recommended many exercises to work the different parts of the body. Many routines and different variations of the most classic and used in fitness. This is why on this occasion we wish to highlight the exercises that we can consider as the star of this year that will be for different reasons. In this post we want to highlight two classic exercises as the star of this year, is the pull-up of dorsal and pectoral push-ups.

After developments in all fitness training routines we we’re going to continue being with the most simple and traditional. Two exercises that will help us to work greatly different parts of the body without realizing and that will simply require our own weight to carry out the different routines. This is one of the qualities that have made that let us underline these exercises among others that we have presented, but there are still more reasons why not we must banish never these exercises of our workout routines for the complete which are and the benefits that we provide.

Of the dominated dorsal We must bear in mind the work and stress which transmitted to the muscles of the back. It is an exercise that our weight is dead, so we must raise it with the strength of the muscles worked. But we will not only work the numbers, but that we also incidiremos in many parts of the upper train, the the biceps and shoulders. Perform pull-ups is a full year to work the upper train and keep muscles toned back. We will not only achieve this, but that we will also achieve better timing of this part of the body, because we will learn to control each movement and gradually carry out an exercise that is easy. That Yes, will take on little by little more skill and strength to the point of performing pull-ups with a ballast and additional burden.

Pectoral push-ups It is another exercise that we want to stand out as one of the most important this year that will be us. If with pull-ups operate more in the rear of the train top, with this exercise what we will do will be influencing the front, specifically in the chest, which can work from different angles depending on how we put hands when carrying out the exercise. But not only this exercise will affect the chest, but that the triceps work It is high, so with both exercises, we will maintain a well toned upper train. In addition, this exercise does not require any extra instrument, but only our body and weight. But we can increase the exercise stress by adding a load into the back of the person carrying it out.

Both exercises should be present in all of our routines, and we must never stop making them simply because they cost us or we can do many repetitions, since everything is to start and we will gradually increasing repetitions to improve body strength.